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Chaumet - Hortensia High Jewellery Collection

Chaumet - Hortensia High Jewellery Collection

21 October 2013

Chaumet has created an imaginary garden of subtly mastered architecture punctuated with botanical embroidery in celebration of one flower: the hydrangea. Its infinite variety provides a sumptuous source of inspiration for the Maison with petals that are round or elongated, forming delicate clusters or perfect spheres, lavishly colourful and blossoming in couture-like geometry.

Chaumet - Hortensia High Jewellery Collection

From corolla to stamen, Chaumet explores each facet of the flower with boldly graphic lines to offer an unbridled interpretation of ten variations of the petal. Stylized, open-worked, sculpted to follow a movement which combines strength and exquisite refinement, the hydrangea according to Chaumet asserts the Maison’s naturalistic style to transform into a collection of jewellery designed to create emotions.

Emotions that are inspired by three shades of precious stones: the irresistible charm of powder pink for budding emotion, the power and grace of blue for bold emotion, the intensity of red for deep emotion. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches and earrings: the Hortensia collection blooms in twenty-four unique pieces that brilliantly demonstrate Chaumet’s perfect mastery of the jeweller’s art.

Budding Emotion

White blushed with pink, the stone becomes a flower as the hydrangea unfolds into myriad blossoms of pink tourmalines, sculpted opal cabochons and pink sapphires on pink gold. Pure diamonds and subtly coloured stones reveal exquisitely romantic jewels: an exuberant ring, a trembling brooch, a delicate secret watch or a long necklace that transforms into a choker and bracelet.

Chaumet - Hortensia High Jewellery Collection

Bold Emotion

Blue sapphire, tanzanite and sculpted lapis lazuli on white gold turn the flower into an articulated bracelet of the finest lace, aerial earrings and rings that play with asymmetry, a watch featuring a flowershaped tourbillon or a necklace adorned with precious stones that seem to float in thin air…

Chaumet - Hortensia High Jewellery Collection

Deep Emotion

Radiant, glamorous or sensual, bouquets of imaginary hydrangeas burst into vibrant colour combinations of red on pink gold. Rubies, garnets and red tourmalines conjure up a floral garland necklace, a surprising watch and two rings adorned with a central stone bordered by a lace of open-work petals.

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