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Magerit – Artistic expression

Magerit – Artistic expression

15 January 2014

By Cynthia Unninayar

With a name evoking the ancient term for the city of Madrid—meaning ‘place of many streams’—Magerit draws inspiration from the world’s many cultures and regions in its quest to create original and exquisite jewellery art.


Established in 1994, its two founding partners—hailing from a long dynasty of jewellery making families in Madrid—wanted to breath new life and fresh ideas into the sector. And, this breath of fresh air resulted in inimitable and immediately identifiable high quality collections that depart from the tenets of traditional jewellery, while drawing inspiration from architecture, history, mythology, and nature.

These creative and original designs are divided into a range of collections, from Atlantis, drawing inspiration from the mysterious sirens of the sea, to Zodiac, with its singular depiction of the twelve signs. In between are a number of original lines such as Vitral, inspired by the distinctive genius of Gothic architecture, Mythology, centred on the powerful figure of Medusa, Babylon, featuring motifs from the ancient city, and Scorpion, which highlights the fearsome arachnid.


The brand’s latest collection is the sophisticated Versailles, inspired by the artistic period heralded by Louis XIV and evoking the harmony and joie de vivre associated with this golden age. Each piece has been imbued with a strong sense of realism and reflects the customs and lifestyle of the Sun King and his glorious era, including the majestic palace and its ornate engravings and fountains.

Magerit takes pride in its high quality artisanal jewellery, and limits production to 4000 pieces per year, all made in the brand’s workshops in Madrid. As a guarantee of authenticity and quality, each piece is engraved with its own serial number, thus ensuring its exclusive nature as a unique, handcrafted jewel.


These miniature works of wearable art are sold in more than 100 fine jewellers in 20 countries, from Europe to the Ukraine, passing by Asia, North America, and the Middle East. To promote the brand and help their retail partners, the brand “offers coop advertising, trunk shows, and other types of ‘brand-awareness events,” explains José Carrera, Vice President of Sales, who also manages the USA market from Spain, visiting it three to four times a year. He also indicated that the brand has plans for opening a sales subsidiary there in the future.


While quality and design are the two main pillars of the brand, Magerit is also committed to socially responsible practices. “Magerit uses the best raw materials from legitimate sources, who share the same high level of corporate ethics as our company,” insists José Carrera. These resources then pass into the hands of highly skilled craftsmen who combine their artisanal prowess with the use of advanced technology to maintain the high standards of the brand. The result is not simply a beautiful piece of adornment, but also a form of artistic expression.

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