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Boucheron - Rêves d’Ailleurs

Boucheron - Rêves d'Ailleurs

7 October 2014

Rêves d’Ailleurs is a voyage into the wondrous world of Boucheron jewels: this collection transports us from the dazzling sun-drenched colors of Persia, to the warm hypnotic waters of the Sea of Japan, from the erudite artistic lands of China to the lush gardens and sparkling fountains of India and finally to the frozen crystal purity of Russia. This is truly an invitation to the far confines of a mysterious Orient, a world of dreams, that the jeweler hands us….

Pinceau de Chine

Boucheron - Rêves d'Ailleurs

The Pinceau de Chine collection is inspired by an art that has been at the heart of Chinese civilization for thousands of years: calligraphy, or the art of writing well. Deceptively simple at first glance, calligraphy requires expertise and meditation before being able to produce work that is mature and sensitive.

Trésor de Perse

Boucheron - Rêves d'Ailleurs

In reference to the travels of Louis Boucheron, the Trésor de Perse necklace celebrates three exceptional cabochon sapphires, and a historic oval Birman. Their deep blues, revealing dazzling silk inclusions for some, are enhanced by the subtle play of shapes, colors and light of an array of chalcedonies and diamonds and the stunning purity of rock crystal.

Rives du Japon

Boucheron - Rêves d'Ailleurs

This ode to the archipelago’s myriad islands and marine world is also a tribute to the artistic and spiritual greatness of the Japanese painters and poets. For centuries, they have been masters of the capture of beauty’s fleeting essence with their breath-taking creations. This collection is also a reference to the fascinating underwater world and the Ama women, the traditional free divers, who explore it.

Splendeur de Russie

Boucheron - Rêves d'Ailleurs

With this collection, the Maison evokes the majesty of Russia’s sparkling frozen plains and the crystal pure grace of jeweled snowflakes. The jewelry sets, in all their regal beauty and lightness, have been inspired by the Maison’s pieces, since 1858, for the illustrious figures of the Empire.

Fleur des Indes

Boucheron - Rêves d'Ailleurs

Fleur des Indes is an ode to the legendary world of maharajahs and fabulous emeralds. This collection is a reference to the mythical white water lily, a symbol of purity and self-fulfilment. It also pays homage to the relationships that the Maison nurtured with some of its Indian clients and their amazing jewelry orders…

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