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SICIS O’Clock presents the new Royal Squirrel collection

SICIS O'Clock presents the new Royal Squirrel collection

3 December 2014

SICIS O’Clock presents the new Royal Squirrel collection. The little inhabitants of the most famous parks in the world - Hyde Park, Central Park, Jardin du Luxembourg e Parque Güell - have inspired this collection.

The parks are places of creative fervor to pages of narrative and films, where loves are born and friends are used to meet to spend time together and enjoy the nature among the skyscrapers . The designers of the maison SICIS played with these characters creating different models. A particular fusion technique was ideated and built ad hoc to produce micro tesserae with three different shades of colour in a single cut, making the visual effect of the mantle of these small animals even more amazing .

The fur strap with details in exotic leathers makes these watches even more original and exclusive so they become real fashion accessory, trendy objects that all women would like to own and wear . Each squirrel thus belongs to a famous park in cities around the world: London, New York, Paris and Barcelona.

Mister Hyde
Mister Hyde

Mr. Hyde, a noble and sophisticated squirrel, lives in Hyde Park, one of the largest parks in London. Created in 1536 by Henry VIII for hunting , it now hosts major events involving the city of London , such as concerts and the Olympic Games. The structure of Mr. Hyde is made of yellow gold while the micro- mosaic tesserae shade among green tones and blue details . The clock is decorated with a green jade acorn and diamonds. An electric blue fur with alligator inserts adorns the precious squirrel.

Monsieur Luxembourg
Monsieur Luxembourg

Moving to Paris , we can find Monsieur Luxembourg, a tribute to the Jardin du Luxembourg. This amazing park surrounds the Luxembourg Palace, residence that Maria de Medici built in the seventeenth century. Writers such as Victor Hugo and Henry James have used this place as the setting for the adventures of the characters in their novels . For our French squirrel were used micro tesserae in shades of beige with points of light in blue and chalcedony acorns. The case in steel is enriched with diamonds which give brightness and lustre. The strap is made with electric blue fur and alligator.

Señor Guell
Señor Guell

Next stop - Barcelona. Parque Guell, designed by Antoni Gaudí an extraordinary artist and leading exponent of the renowned Catalan Modernism. The architect wanted to take advantage of the fresh air, away from the pollution of the factories in the city, and the beautiful view. Originally, the area was divided into triangular lots, provided for the construction of luxury homes, only two of these were used as dwellings. The rest of the area was transformed by Gaudi in the artwork that we all know .The squirrel that represents this park is Señor Guell. The colour of micro mosaic tesserae that compose the watch varies from blue to green on a base of steel and diamonds, jade drops form the acorns that adorn it. The fur is a deep navy blue with alligator inserts .

Mister Central
Mister Central

And finally in New York. The last squirrel is dedicated to Central Park, a leader in the creation of urban parks . The area covers 843 hectares in the heart of Manhattan and is a green oasis for New Yorkers who want to escape from the traffic and smog of the city . Mr. Central is a famous squirrel that lives in this green heart. The mosaic masters have moulded and cut Micro Mosaic tesserae in shades of red to create this character, coral gems and diamonds enrich the watch made of pink gold. A shiny black fur with inserts in python gives elegance to the product.

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