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Mokoso Atelier - Poetic imagination

Mokoso Atelier - Poetic imagination

28 May 2015

There are many reasons why Thailand-based MKS Jewelry International has becomed one of the most-in-demand designers and manufacturers of luxury jewelry, not at least of which are exceptional quality, unparalleled innovation, and extraordinary service.

Mokoso Atelier - Poetic imagination

For over thirty-five years, MKS’ world-class manufacturing facility has produced jewelry for many of the world’s top brands, as well as its own private label collections. With the launch of Mokoso Atelier, its newest in-house brand, MKS has reached even greater heights of innovation and style.

"We have a very strong creative unit,” explains MKS Chairman,” Majid Algouneh, “combined with a team of experienced and highly skilled craftsmen. Currently, we produce more than 300 jewelry models every month, and 2,000 pieces a day for our own brands, as well as leading outside brands from around the world.”

Mokoso Atelier - Poetic imagination

With pieces often selling well above $100,000, each necklace, ring, or bracelet must be flawless — and they are. The company’s commitment to quality, service, innovation, and excellence is what keeps high-end customers coming back, year-in and year-out.

At the forefront of innovation, MKS’ commitment to product development is a vitally important part of the company’s strategy. “We are constantly reinventing ourselves,” Algouneh adds. “This enables us to keep our technology state-of-the-art, our designs fresh, and our pricing attractive.”

The company’s location in Gempolis, an exclusive tax-free-zone located a short trip outside of Bangkok’s city center, is yet another advantage customers enjoy.

MKS has over 450 employees ready to serve and involved in every facet of jewelry manufacturing, including in-house gemstone cutting, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, CNC systems, and an entire staff of highly skilled model makers, along with four separate manufacturing units within its factory. There is virtually no design or manufacturing requirement that MKS can’t fulfill for its clients—large or small.

Within its leading-edge facility, MKS is able to satisfy the stringent demands of the world’s top jewelers and leading department stores, as well as national and international trade organizations. And yet, even with these technologically advanced capabilities, pieces are handcrafted, stones are hand set, and every piece is hand finished.

Each of MKS’ four manufacturing units focuses on a specific segment of its business. One unit is solely focused on MKS jewels and its wildly successful, award-winning Mokoso Atelier brand.

Mokoso Atelier - Poetic imagination

Today, just two years after its launch, Mokoso stands at the pinnacle of aesthetic achievement, poetic imagination, unparalleled craftsmanship, and technical mastery. Perhaps no collection exemplifies this better than Mokoso’s 360 Degree collection of hoop-within-hoop diamond earrings. As the name implies, these remarkable earrings spin a full 360 degrees. There are four hoops, each covered with diamonds on one side that move with the wearer. MKS craftsmen manually set the tiny diamonds and the result is stunning.

Mokoso’s Flutterfly™ collection is another design and manufacturing marvel. It captures our sense of whimsy with gold, diamond, and vibrantly colored precious gem wings that actually flutter. Its unique mechanism creates the movement with such grace that one can easily imagine these beautiful butterflies in actual flight.

The master craftsmen at MKS bring each designer’s artistic inspiration to life with uncanny expertise and meticulous attention to detail. Front and back, every jewel personifies perfection — the unquestionable signature of the masterpieces the company has come to symbolize for both its internal and external client brands.

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