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by Jeta B


7 May 2016



Polly Wales designs fine handcrafted jewellery that does not seek to sell false dreams of glossy, magazine-ready perfection. Rather it offers an honest, imperfect beauty that is natural and attainable – a beauty that will continue to change and evolve over a lifetime and beyond. It is for women who want their engagement and wedding rings to feel more like them, more like their lives; warmer and a little closer to how they see themselves and how they see love. The process behind the backbone of Polly’s work is to cast an array of gemstones inside precious metal, to create pieces that always have unique and slightly unpredictable outcomes with a rough luxe, ‘from the earth’ aesthetic – like geodes split open, as stones break through at random points to penetrate the surface of the gold.

Polly Wales - Rainbow stackable rings
Polly Wales - Rainbow stackable rings

“I make jewellery that never has a perfect moment”

Polly Wales - The Eroded Disc Necklace with pink sapphires
Polly Wales - The Eroded Disc Necklace with pink sapphires

The Eroded Disc Necklace with pink sapphires: “This particular piece perfectly illustrates the serendipity of my process. Casting stones directly into metal creates unpredictable outcomes; the fluidity of the wax to molten metal and the movement of the stones within means that I can never be sure how a piece will look until has it been cast. Sometimes stones become entirely enveloped in gold, while others erupt from the surface, like geodes. The imperfect beauty of my work is very much dictated by the processes that I have developed, but in turn, the infinite possibilities and one-of-akind results that are produced only generate more and more ideas to pursue.”



The snake has always been the cornerstone of the Bulgari brand, the first to adapt it to a wristwatch. For over half a century, Serpenti bracelet- watches have been Bulgari signature pieces in fine watchmaking. Their new high jewellery Serpenti Secret collection lives up to this legacy.

Bulgari - Serpenti Secret
Bulgari - Serpenti Secret
Quartz movement. 40 mm 18K pink gold case, dial and double-spiral bracelet set with brilliant-cut diamonds, brilliant-cut pink sapphires and brilliant-cut amethysts. Eyes in lapis lazuli.


If instead you sway towards perfectly aligned jewels, check out the Treillage Collection by Fabergé. Inspired by the Diamond Trellis Egg, created by Fabergé in 1892, this sumptuous collection of rose gold cushion-patterned jewels is studded with luminous coloured gems.

Fabergé - The Treillage collection
Fabergé - The Treillage collection provides the global jewellery markets with the latest jewellery, haute joaillerie and luxury creations, all the news and decisive trends and colours in fashion. Europa Star - CIJ Women’s Watches & Jewels - the Trends & Colours magazine, is circulated worldwide to reach the top international retailers and end buyers of fine jewellery in more than 100 countries.
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