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FREELY SPEAKING - A Few Words from Roberto Coin

FREELY SPEAKING - A Few Words from Roberto Coin

23 May 2009

I think the economists have managed to very well brutalize business and our future.

FREELY SPEAKING - A Few Words from Roberto Coin

I believe that, in this particular time, people want to change their attitudes by partying, eating more than ever, to express the joy of life, and go back to their youthful memories, where the night was not meant for sleeping, but to really enjoy themselves.

I truly feel that this is the Century of Women. We will need their capabilities to go forward as they are undisputedly able to establish the new platform for the future. I personally love them, as they are more intelligent than ever, more sophisticated, but most of all, they are collectors of sentiments.

I have my own theory and we definitely need to go forward. One way is to take inspiration from sports, where athletes together create the spirit of the winning team. In this case, what better than rugby? The only way to win is “going forward” until you reach the touchdown. Warriors, gentlemen, and the finest athletes playing together to achieve Victory.

So, we can add to the words, “Yes we can,” the words “And we must.” We have a wonderful team, with different strategies, and one of them, essential today, is a new Creativity, which is not connected to economic value but only relates to jewellery that has class and style regardless of price. A strategy where we can play and create a new world, as the desires are different, the feelings are different, and therefore creativity will have to be different.

Traditions will remain and can’t be taken away from us. Our cultural influences, our manifold inspirations, and our versatility will always be part of us. The only thing we must achieve is to create sophisticated, ethical Luxury. We understand fashion, we participate through the emotions of the moment. We understand that life should be lived differently through happiness, and may I remind you once more that jewellery creates this sentiment.

In the end, this is only a small personal story, but the winners will be those who are capable of re-conquering the final consumer’s confidence at the point of sale. And be assured that we will try tremendously hard to help you in achieving this challenging goal. This is the beginning of another new game. The ex-sportsman, probably trainer,

Roberto Coin

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