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Mathon Paris – The Finest in French Design

Mathon Paris – The Finest in French Design

18 March 2010

By T. R. Flora

Mathon Paris epitomizes the sophistication and sensuality of French jewellery design, while adding its own visions of playful fancy.

Mathon’s subtle alliance of contemporary, classic, and original styling combined with high quality materials has earned it the prestigious “Joaillerie de France” hallmark, which certifies that products have been designed, manufactured, assembled, set, and polished in France with respect for traditional “State-of-the-Art” rules of French jewellery manufacturing and in compliance with legal, social, ethical, and environmental standards.

Mathon Paris – The Finest in French Design

Founded in 1931, the venerable jewellery house also received formal recognition as a “Living Heritage Company” by the French government in 2007. Mathon is now run by Frédéric Mathon who has expanded the brand globally, with distribution in North America, Japan, and Europe. The collections range from one-of-a-kind and exclusive pieces to collections inspired by Nature and cityscapes as well as whimsical charms and stylish sautoirs.

Mathon Paris – The Finest in French Design

The latest collection is Odyssey, inspired by Homer’s epic poem, which describes Ulysses’ long voyage home after the Trojan War. Since much of the story revolves around the sea, these jewels take the shape of shells, while the texture of their gold recalls the sturdy sea urchin. The Odyssey Denim is a casual line, reflecting the colours of the sea in white gold with iolite, sapphires, and diamonds, while the Cocktail collection is more formal and includes green tourmalines among with a multitude of diamonds set in white gold.

Mathon Paris – The Finest in French Design

Other pieces were inspired the wizard Circe, who protects Ulysses by washing away the spells that enchant him. This purification is evoked by precious drops on the soft and feminine forms of the Circe earrings or rings. The Nausicaa line draws inspiration from the young princess that Ulysses meets after being shipwrecked. These pieces feature a cornucopia centre stone in citrine, amethyst, or topaz accented with diamonds and sapphires, whose shape is reminiscent of the twists of the conch and the movement of Nausicaa’s veils.

Evoking both the marine environment and the land above, Mathon’s Lucky Animals charms and pendants take to the sea, the ground, and to the air above with an array of adorable animals. Odyssey and Lucky Animals are only two of the many wonderful collections of fine jewellery offered by Mathon-Paris.

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