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Lalique: Odyssey of the Sacred Fire

Lalique: Odyssey of the Sacred Fire

26 July 2012

Back to our roots and a journey through the world of mankind: René Lalique was an emblematic figure in Art Nouveau and Art Deco, a jewellery designer, glass and crystal maker and founder of the company that bears his name.

True to its fundamentals, the company has recently launched a collection of high jewellery, comprising ultra elegant pieces, in some cases articulated or modular, where fine stones and gemstones combine with mother of pearl, lacquer, crystal ….. Back to the origins of life, a world of myths, goddesses, symbols, elements (Water, Air, Earth, Fire), fauna and flora.

Lalique: Odyssey of the Sacred Fire
Vesta, Phoenix

The Odyssey continues, giving new birth to Lalique’s inspirations, such as the phoenix, Vesta – the goddess of fire – as well as flora and fauna in the form of delicate poppy petals, peacock’s feathers and dragonfly’s wings in all their flamboyant colours and iridescent sparkle. This is an Odyssey that is traced through several ranges: "Goddess of Fire", "Ornaments of Fire", "Shape of Fire", "Animals of Fire".

Lalique: Odyssey of the Sacred Fire


This solitary, seductive bird, the symbol of the cycle of days and nights adapts to a pendant and ring, both in blackened white gold paved with fine stones and gemstones. The pendant brings back to life a design created in 1902 "Paons sur un prunier" and represents a technical prowess with its tail, head and rows of chains, all sensually articulated.

Lalique: Odyssey of the Sacred Fire


This ancestral insect, nymph with a body of fire, symbolises the springtime, when everything comes back to life. The necklace brings back to life the design "Demoiselles dansantes" (1900) and is adorned with gold, emeralds, sapphires, tsavorites and lacquer or gold and diamonds. The pivoting head and articulated wings with their iridescent glints, represent a technical prowess. Earrings, a ring and a bracelet complete the line.

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