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Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Tropical Paradise

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Tropical Paradise

6 December 2012

An ever present entity in the world of premium brands, Swarovski, the world leader in precision cut crystal jewelry takes us on an exotic journey its new collection: Tropical Paradise.

Signature Swarovski techniques such as Pointiage®, faceting, and the pavé setting, are evident throughout the collection which is further enhanced using combinations of new materials such as leather, chains in different metals, resin, and scoubidou or cotton cords.

The Tropical Paradise collection is inspired by the diversity and exuberance of South America. Our journey takes from the celebratory atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro’s legendary carnival to the authentic and natural universe of the Amazon rainforest. The flamboyant colors of the rich flora and fauna are an undeniable source of inspiration. These intriguing surroundings accompanied by the heritage and mystic of Inca civilizations and architectural beauty of lost cities, paint a perfect backdrop for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Tropical Paradise
Tangara bib necklace

The signature piece in the collection is the oversized Tangara bib necklace. Entirely handmade, it is created from a tropical kaleidoscope of geometric crystals which features the exclusive Pointiage® technique. Its sophisticated construction recalls the architecture of a lost city. Its colors, fuchsia and lagoon blue, punctuated with purple and white, recall that of a rare bird of paradise or an exotic flower.

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Tropical Paradise
Translucent pendant & Moonshine ring

The luxurious Translucent pendant in the shape of a beetle, symbolizes power and fertility in South America, and resembles a talisman of an Amazonian tribe. The body, adorned in the exclusive Pointiage® technique, harmonizes with two large faceted crystals that represent wings, shimmering with ever-changing radiance. The beetle’s horns, intricately sculpted by hand, display Swarovski’s dedication to perfection and precision. Faceted on the edges and underside, the Moonshine ring boasts the same refinement.

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Tropical Paradise
Torpedo bracelet & Tilly dragonfly brooch

Amulets in the shape of skull, adorn the Torpedo bracelet, which is created in cotton with a crystal cup chain and colored threads. This on-trend bracelet is braided by hand, and displays a Brazilian tradition of handmade bracelets. Incredibly true to life, the Tilly dragonfly looks ready to take flight. This realism tinged with poetry is born of the virtuosity of craftsmen, masters in the art of Pointiage®.

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Tropical Paradise
Triumphal cuff

Sparkling faceted crystals paired with tiny pearl cabochons transcend Inca folklore motifs. Here the combination is transformed into an abstract flower, set on the Triumphal cuff in white or lagoon blue resin.

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Tropical Paradise
Texture bib necklace

A truly contemporary work of art, the Texture bib necklace brings together crystal and textiles. On the Swarovski exclusive printed leather, a stylized leaf design in shades of green, purple, fuchsia, and lagoon blue is superimposed with the density of jungle foliage. It is thus transformed into an abstract pattern, adorned by faceted crystal embroidery and braided silver chains. This hand crafted piece echoes the spectacular jewelry worn by tribal chiefs with macaw plumes and precious stones.

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Tropical Paradise
Trema cuff & ring

The Trema cuff displays a stunning fusion of materials and techniques. Golden leather perfectly resembles embossed reptile skin. It is reflected in an enormous faceted crystal, set on a surface worked with the exclusive Pointiage® technique.

The Trema ring makes for an excellent match with its generous proportions, rounded lines, and contrast of white and clear crystals. Regarded as a Swarovski classic, it is revisited in each new collection and now evokes a mirror ball - the effect is simply stunning.

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Tropical Paradise
Tropical necklace

The extravagance of the Tropical necklace is first seen in the multiple chains, some smaller, some larger, intertwine with each other... These are paired with crystals in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors, including an exclusive light turquoise, combining to form a striking asymmetric motif.

Tropical Paradise illustrates and highlights the skilled mixture of cultural references and contemporary influences that, combined, bear the unmistakable mark of Swarovski’s style and expertise.

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