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Cartier - Unlock your Wish

Cartier - Unlock your Wish

13 April 2015

Since the dawn of time, precious stones have crystallised the virtues that man ascribes to them… Amulette de Cartier is a jewellery creation charged with emotional power. Like a talisman, a lucky charm, a padlock-pledge in which the knowing ear hears a personal wish, a very secret message.

Opal, Happiness
Opal, Happiness
Opal, a gem among precious stones, for the joy of being in the world, of a surprise meeting and a heart swiftly beating, for the soft caress of a tender word, the bedazzling smile, this moment that never ends…

The Amulette de Cartier collection consists of natural gemstones, each one different and unique, each carrying a wish that promises to be revealed. Opal, lapis lazuli, malachite, carnelian, chrysoprase, mother-of-pearl or onyx, they seal their talents and magic in a jewel of one’s very own. Ringed with gold, their virtues are distilled in the wishes they epitomise.

Lapis lazuli, Serenity
Lapis lazuli, Serenity
Lapis lazuli, a fragment of sky captured in a deep-blue gem for eternity, for the infinite wealth of the world’s treasures, a promise of gentleness, wisdom and trust…

Unlock your Wish...

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