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Al Coro - Innovative line of design

Al Coro - Innovative line of design

29 September 2015

Based on the example of the powerful, precious “Neraviglia” line, Al Coro has additionally chosen to offer other collections in the patented black steel, as an alternative to the bright and glowing 18-carat gold pieces.

Al Coro - Neraviglia Line
Al Coro - Neraviglia Line

The bands of the lovely “Serenata” jewelry simmer and glower in coated black steel, highlighted by the sparkle of diamonds. The joy of life that can be felt to the core when looking at the pieces of jewelry of the “Gioia” line is translated into something more severe, therefore all the more sincere. The contrast to the crystalline moonstones emphasizes the depth of emotion that resonates within.

Al Coro - Serenata Line
Al Coro - Serenata Line

In the collection “Mezzaluna”, the countless brilliants recumbent on the smooth surface of the patented dark steel shaped like a crescent moon come to life in an almost inexplicable, transcendent way.

Al Coro - Mezzaluna Line
Al Coro - Mezzaluna Line

The deep, deep darkness of the dark metal adds some bite and spiciness to the sugary sweetness of the Al Coro collection “Candy”. On the black background, the colorful gemstones gleam brightly, beckoning the romantic at heart to enter the realm of pure imagination.

With this innovative line of design and the original, exclusive patented matt black steel, Al Coro has managed to create not only singular pieces of jewelry, but also marvelous pieces of art. They inspire emotion, feed the soul and summon the imagination – perfect for glamorous, confident and modern women with a taste for the extraordinary.

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