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Fiera di Vicenza will feature its presence at the JCK Show Las Vegas

Fiera di Vicenza will feature its presence at the JCK Show Las Vegas

27 May 2016

Fiera di Vicenza will feature its presence at the JCK Show Las Vegas, May 31 to June 6, 2016, with more than 120 top Italian brands exhibiting their prestigious collections inside its VICENZAORO Italian Passion, Made with Love pavilion, an international format created to showcase the quality, craftsmanship, creativity and values of Made in Italy jewellery.

Fiera di Vicenza will feature its presence at the JCK Show Las Vegas

Thus, Fiera di Vicenza’s VICENZAORO, the prestigious trade show brand dedicated to the world of gold and jewellery manufacture, once again confirms its leading position in the promotion of Made in Italy at North America’s leading jewellery trade event, which also is one of the most important worldwide.

For the Italian jewellery and luxury goods industries, the JCK Show Las Vegas is a well-established and uniquely effective platform, with the United States continuing to be one of its main export markets. In 2015 Italian jewellery exports to the U.S. market equalled 570 million euros, 13.5% more than the amount reported a year earlier (Source: Istat).

Inside its pavilion at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino exhibition centre, VICENZAORO Italian Passion, Made with Love, will offer Italian businesses the opportunity to show off their talents, innovation, design and craftsmanship, to a public of more than 23,000 professionals in the jewellery and watchmaking industries, hailing from over 40 countries, including the United States, India, and Russia. Fiera di Vicenza will be represented at Booth S10112, located at the entrance to the pavilion, nearby the prestigious “Plumb Club.”

Representing “Well Made in Italy” at the JCK Show are high-end brand names of international renown, alongside top-level manufacturers. They include: Leo Pizzo, Giorgio Visconti, Talento International, FerrariFirenze, Piero Milano, Broggian D Donna, Marchisio and Fani Gioielli.

Between May 31 and June 3, major Italian brands will exhibit the typical excellence of country’s gold and jewellery makers inside LUXURY, the affiliated show that brings together major luxury jewellery retailers with designers and high-end manufacturers. In the area dedicated to VICENZAORO Italian Passion, Made with Love (LUX60), not only contemporary jewellery will be on display, but also trends for the future through the auspices of TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting, Fiera di Vicenza’s independent think tank, which studies trends in the jewellery world, consumer attitudes and performance on international markets.

In Las Vegas, TRENDVISION Jewellery+ Forecasting will present an overview of the four current Mega Trends present in the international jewellery and luxury goods industries: Sophisticore, I-History, Geo-Luxury, and Digital Hypnosis. These will be illustrated in virtual display cases, along with their corresponding consumer profiles.

In the TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting areas, jewellery professionals will be provided the opportunity of seeing and understanding the new frontiers of the jewellery industry, through the collection of publications produced by the think tank’s research team. They include: the latest set of “Consumer Profiles,” released in January, which provide a complete analysis of the main consumer types and their characteristics, identifying their respective geographic areas and assigning them specific products and style indications; “Product Directions,” released in April, which offers a full classification of trends, as interpreted specifically for jewellery categories, defining the main features and colours, and placing a specific focus on materials, textures, and styles; and Trendbook 2017+, a guide that predicts industry trends 18 months into the future specifically for the benefit of industry professionals.

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