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Cartier: Magicien collection.

Cartier: Magicien collection.

25 October 2016

And suddenly what was still comes alive… Bedazzled, the eye surrenders to magic and is shown the way… to a world where Cartier transforms sublime stones and precious materials into virtuoso creations. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubellites, beryls... go beyond appearances so that the magic can unfold and make light, designs and colours come alive. The magic? It’s this miracle taking shape, this surge of life in full bloom. It’s all the art of the Cartier Magicien collection.

Incantation neclace - Photo credit: T. Deschamps & J. Claessens ©Cartier
Incantation neclace - Photo credit: T. Deschamps & J. Claessens ©Cartier

Illusion? Mystery? Fascination? A question of design. Of mastering the stroke, of the exactness of the lines which, little by little, liberate movement, magnify energy, initiate rhythm. Visual bearings are blurred, the gaze wanders, moves on, rebounds from one sparkling facet to another.

Concentric waves, streams of light, gleaming prisms – beauty attracting us like some magnetic force.

Cinetique Bracelet and Incantation ring, photos credit: Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier
Cinetique Bracelet and Incantation ring, photos credit: Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier

Tiny geometric designs paved with precious diamonds interlace on the Incantation necklace. With a single touch, the necklace is transformed and the curve is inverted in a stunning feat of technical prowess never before seen in High Jeweller y workshops. Like a conjuring trick, or perhaps pure magic, the length and dimensions of the piece change as it becomes more intimate, fitted more closely to the neck, and opens out. A removable sapphire is fastened onto the glorious corolla of the unfolded necklace; and, when detached, the stone can be mounted onto a ring.

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