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Piaget expands Extremely Piaget Collection

Piaget expands Extremely Piaget Collection

29 November 2016

‘Extremely Piaget’ is more than a collection of radiant jewellery pieces, it’s a style that defines the essence of Piaget. Inspired by the Maison’s rich heritage of capturing the glamour and spirit of an era through the magic of gold and diamonds, Extremely Piaget was first introduced in early 2016 as an open-ended capsule collection, conceived to continuously evolve over time with the addition of exciting new creations born of the unbridled imagination and creativity of Piaget jewellers, goldsmiths and gem-setters. With creative brilliance, Extremely Piaget expands with the introduction of eight new pieces that honour the distinctively “Piaget look” through the supreme mastery of jewellery techniques.

Piaget expands Extremely Piaget Collection

An emblem: the palm tree leaf

Emblematic of a life filled with radiant moments, the palm tree leaf is the design inspiration for the new charismatic additions to the collection. Interpreted in incandescent gold, the palm leaf evokes the sea, warmth, sunshine and the spirit of carefree days under the rays of a bright sun. To bring to life the texture and structure of the palm leaf, Piaget turned to a signature goldsmithing technique unique to the Maison. The “Décor Palace” is an engraving process that endows gold with a supple fabric-like appearance and makes it resemble the most exquisite raw silk. By using this decor, every leaf shimmers and scintillates with unrestrained brilliance accentuating the sparkle of diamonds.

Piaget expands Extremely Piaget Collection

Eight radiant novelties with incomparable style

The Extremely Piaget Palm Tree ring puts the leaf at the centre of the design, with the plant wrapping around the finger. The warm pink gold is given a life-like quality with its intricate detailing, and set with a sprinkling of brilliant-cut diamonds on the veins of the leaf for added sparkle . A bracelet sculptured out of gold represents one of Piaget unmistakable style signatures. Capturing the rays of light, the Palm Tree bracelet is the ultimate expression of a life of brilliance with the Palace decor pink gold leaves sensually encircling the wrist (G36LB400). A pair of matching earrings in pink gold elegantly dress the earlobes as two glowing palm leaves enhanced by the brightness of diamonds playfully capture the light. The two same palm tree leaves make an appearance on the ends of a lavish gold necklace glistening against her décolleté, or along the chain of a feminine sautoir floating and playing with the light.

Piaget expands Extremely Piaget Collection

The purity and radiance of white gold adds intensity and fire to the Extremely Piaget collection. A white gold variation of the Palm Tree ring with its profusion of diamonds creates a dazzling effect while the sculptural gold bracelet with its two palm leaves is set with 13ct diamonds in a virtuoso display of Piaget gem-setting. Completing the white gold set, two palm leaves layered on each other to form a feminine set of earrings generously set with precious diamonds.

With of these daring and surprising new creations, Extremely Piaget continues its celebration of a radiant and sun-filled life through the inimitable glow of gold and the endless sparkle of diamonds.

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