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Loren Nicole - Ancient civilization’s technique and aesthetic element

Loren Nicole - Ancient civilization's technique and aesthetic element

14 February 2017

Loren Nicole is the ancient world reimagined, celebrating the craftsmanship of ancient goldsmiths and our shared global history. The handmade collection celebrates ageless and ethnographic cultures from across the globe, adapting visual elements and utilising both metals and non-metalsmithing technologies to create present day works of art.


Loren Nicole produces timeless pieces that allow us all to connect through our shared visual and cultural histories. The collection, from gold grain to final finish, is produced entirely by Loren’s hands, using ancient techniques and no electricity! The designs, foremost highlight the beautiful colour of high karat yellow gold. With a focus on ancient history, traditional goldsmith techniques and a simplified interpretation of various cultural aesthetics.


Loren Nicole launched her first collection, Hellenes, in August 2016. Since then, has expanded the designs of our Etruscan style towards developing a full collection and recently debuted a portion of her newest collection Babylon, inspired but the ancient Ziggurat temple structure of ancient Mesopotamia. Each collection is inspired by a different ancient civilization’s technique and aesthetic element.


Loren began her career in archaeology, interning as an archaeological lab technician at the American Museum of Natural History. She further specialised her skills through a position as a textile conservator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. During this period, Loren’s archaeological pursuits drove her to continue her study of various mediums, including weaving and ceramics, in pursuit of understanding how material culture of the past was made. It was not uncommon when she took up ancient goldsmith courses with various master goldsmiths in the New York City area. After a couple years of coursework, Loren had developed her bench skills quickly and found this medium married her passions for prehistory, art and pursuit of knowledge. During the summer of 2014, Loren chose not to pursue a PhD program, left her position at the museum and moved to California to embark on a new career in jewellery design and goldsmith.

Loren Nicole - The Hellenes Collection - 22 May 2017 provides the global jewellery markets with the latest jewellery, haute joaillerie and luxury creations, all the news and decisive trends and colours in fashion. Europa Star - CIJ Women’s Watches & Jewels - the Trends & Colours magazine, is circulated worldwide to reach the top international retailers and end buyers of fine jewellery in more than 100 countries.
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