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Sicis introducing its new high jewelry collection

Sicis introducing its new high jewelry collection

14 July 2017

Sicis introducing its new high jewelry collection: FERN Hundreds of Micro Mosaic tesserae, set by hands of unrivaled talent, form soft and flowing leaves that are accompanied by extraordinary emeralds that enhance their royal beauty, along with diamonds placed as dewy drops.

Sicis introducing its new high jewelry collection

The Micro Mosaic of this collection has been elaborated with special tesserae, that require a special spinning and cutting technique, which allows obtaining more colors in a single fragment. The ring consists of three leaves in Micro Mosaic “encased” tiles, in white gold with brilliant cut diamonds and emeralds, and a precious Colombian pear shaped Emerald.

Each earring is made of six different sized Micro Mosaic leaves with Nano tiles “encased”, white gold, brilliant cut diamonds and emeralds and two Colombian pear shaped emeralds.

Sicis creates high end jewelry collections with its exclusive ability to use hundreds of Micro Mosaic tesserae , along with precious stones and gold. These small masterpieces are the perfect combination of the value of the sought-after stones and gold with an even more strong and irresistible element: the charm of the micro mosaic.

Sicis introducing its new high jewelry collection


Fern is a plant of ancient origins, many studies have shown that its presence dates back to about 350 million years ago. In the summer it has its best performance, palmed and plump leaves are among the most interesting of the whole plant world. In autumn its colors can make us fall in love. Probably because of its ancient origins and "prophetic" use that for centuries has been made, fern symbolizes the mystery and the unknown. Given its ancestral presence on earth over the centuries, many legends have been created regarding the fern: it was thought to donate prophetic sleep and immense luck.

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