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Jewelmer unveils the “Why We Fight” bracelet

Jewelmer unveils the “Why We Fight” bracelet

13 October 2017

Jewelmer celebrates women’s strength with the ICANSERVE Foundation.“To be a woman is to know how to fight.” In honor of women’s strength and unwavering spirit, luxury jewelry brand Jewelmer partners with the ICANSERVE foundation to champion a universal cause: the fight for life itself.

ICANSERVE is a non-profit organization advocating breast cancer awareness and providing hope and help to women with the condition in the Philippines.

Jewelmer unveils the “Why We Fight” bracelet

In support of the advocacy, Jewelmer unveils the “Why We Fight” bracelet. The golden pearl, an emblem of life, rests at the heart of the creation, symbolizing the inexhaustible beauty existing in nature and the unbreakable strength intrinsic in all women. Part of the proceeds from the bracelet sales will be donated to the foundation, to fund extensive initiatives and community-based screening programs.

Simultaneously launching a campaign to honor women’s unyielding spirit, Jewelmer gathers influential women in the fields of fashion, jewelry, dance, and environmental conservation. The personalities come together in a video, echoing what many women in history have long fought for: passion, freedom, empowerment, and life. With the partnership, Jewelmer and ICANSERVE unite all in the fight against breast cancer—celebrating the grace and the power that women wield in the fight for life.

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