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Cartier Libre Collection

Cartier Libre Collection

6 December 2017

The 2018 edition of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie breathes new life into Cartier icons. Cartier strikes the perfect balance between clean design and flamboyant style, the fine line between restraint and excess inherent to every timepiece of character.

Baignoire Débordante watch - Baignoire Infinie watch - Baignoire Étoilée watch - Baignoire Interdite watch - Crash Radieuse watch
Baignoire Débordante watch - Baignoire Infinie watch - Baignoire Étoilée watch - Baignoire Interdite watch - Crash Radieuse watch

In the Cartier Libre collection, the feminine beauty of the oval is exuberantly reinterpreted by Cartier. This ebullient distortion of the oval watch invites speculation and reveals a hidden meaning.

The Cartier Libre collection was born of a desire to play with the Maison’s signature watch shapes. They are stretched, shrunk and transformed into objects of fantasy with unbridled creative licence. Cartier Libre appeals to the Collectionneuse, the figure of the watchmaking collector.

Hitherto unseen shapes echo the Baignoire and Crash watches. Their proportions are disrupted, volumes accentuated and lines lengthened. Seeking to disrupt the Cartier repertoire, these are adventures in extravagance where precious materials and contrasting colours are breathtakingly feminine and minimalist in design

The aesthetic that emerges is like no other. It defies categorisation. The Cartier codes are present; whether visible or perceptible only to the eye of the connoisseur, they are the ultimate guarantee of authenticity. The result is radical, brazen, paradoxical: the tension between refinement and excess. Five limited-edition individually numbered jewellery watches meet a single definition: the immediately recognisable Cartier signature.

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Cartier launches a new version of The Juste un Clou bracelet - 2 April 2013 provides the global jewellery markets with the latest jewellery, haute joaillerie and luxury creations, all the news and decisive trends and colours in fashion. Europa Star - CIJ Women’s Watches & Jewels - the Trends & Colours magazine, is circulated worldwide to reach the top international retailers and end buyers of fine jewellery in more than 100 countries.
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