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FOPE at Baselworld 2018.

FOPE at Baselworld 2018.

20 March 2018

To FOPE Baselworld still represents the most crucial B2B event of the year: it is a trade fair where the new jewellery collections are presented, a unique opportunity to meet most of the customers (at least the European ones and several from overseas) and at the same time it previews the industry trends.

In 2018 FOPE stand (the House of FOPE) has moved to a new location in Hall 1.1 and it will welcome visitors in a brand new environment with design furniture and a very… green mood. A roomy living room with sofas and a huge garden downstairs are designed for relax and conversation, while the upper floor area is where one can discover the latest collections and see all the bestsellers.

Product-wise centre stage goes to Flex’it, the original patented system that makes the mesh chain flexible thanks to tiny gold springs. Precious and comfortable, the Flex’it jewellery is among the most successful creations of the Italian brand, which explains why all the newness include Flex’it bracelet - and most include Flex’it rings too.

These Flex'it bracelets are entirely made of 18 carat gold and are stretchable thanks to dozens of gold springs hidden between each link.
These Flex’it bracelets are entirely made of 18 carat gold and are stretchable thanks to dozens of gold springs hidden between each link.


Vendôme is a jewellery collection characterised by a tubolar gold mesh and a signature understated elegance. Since its launch it has featured a Flex’it bracelet and extendible rings, both items particularly loved by the international public.

The whole set is available with different designs, but will now add a beautiful new thread-shaped motif which smoothly embraces the gold or diamond set rondel. Another addition to the line are the elegant bands which widen the range of the traditional solid gold rings and the Flex’it ones.


The Eka Tiny collection is a recent success that combines exquisite technique and design to create an 18 carat chain that is easily recognisable, but totally new.

Today the slimmest and yet incredibly resistant gold chain becomes available as a Flex’it mesh chain too - becoming the ideal entry price, and the natural complement to all the Eka pieces.

The new Eka Tiny Flex’it is a beautiful line of contemporary jewellery which features both the signature gold rondels with diamonds and new pavè set round elements, which can be paired with matching necklets, rings and earrings.


Another fantastic success of the 2018 offer, the Prima collection debuted its original Flex’it mesh chain at Baselworld 2017.

The new upcoming variants add different rondels, several new necklets and other design developments, including a MiaLuce version, i.e. a luxury suite which feature lovely diamond shapes and multiple layers of Flex’it mesh chains.

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