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S&A Jewellery Design presents the MAAMU bracelet

S&A Jewellery Design presents the MAAMU bracelet

12 June 2018

The S&A Jewellery Design company from Gdynia (Poland) created jewelery from a unique material, which is available only to world leaders in branch: mammoth fangs. The material went to the company’s design studio and thanks to the craftsmanship of Polish jewelers it became part of the collection being prepared, which will be delivered to one of the most prestigious sale companies in Poland W.Kruk and S&A online shop in this year.

S&A Jewellery Design presents the MAAMU bracelet

The MAAMU bracelet is a combination of the most sophisticated and exclusive materials. The main role is played by - natural Baltic amber, mammoth fangs and diamonds. It is made of 24K gold-plated silver. Materials preserved for centuries have been masterfully framed by S&A artists who have brought out and emphasized their natural beauty. The modern and simple form of the bracelet with its shape naturally refers to the slender line of mammoth tusks. Every detail in the bracelet, including the clasp, has been carefully designed and made perfectly in the S&A design studio. The raw material used in the jewellery was cut by hand and with great care placed in a silver frame.

Jewellery decorated with mammoth fangs is one of the most original and at the same time prestigious additions of women’s stylizations. Of great importance is the fact that its production - in contrast to ivory – is an ethical alternative to illegal trade and poaching, which continue to threaten the protection of live species of elephants. For these reasons, jewellery containing the mammoth bone has become the adored addition of many celebrities outfit of show business and politics. Michelle Obama is a fervent advocate of it, and has repeatedly spoken out in favor of replacing ivory with mammoth bones.

S&A Jewellery Design presents the MAAMU bracelet

Unlike ivory, which is mainly in off-white color, the mammoth bone is full of uniqueness, because it has many shades and colors, and the difference in colors results from thousands of years of mineralization. No two fangs have the same color, so each piece of jewellery will have its own individual character.

Although at first glance ivory and mammoth’s bones are very similar to each other, experts from the industry can easily distinguish it thanks to the precise research and strict control that is being traded with this raw material. * No protection of the mammary bone by CI TES, i.e. Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, stems from the fact that these animals have died out about 10,000 years ago, and fossils are excluded from the provisions of this convention.

The material used in the production of jewellery comes exclusively from legal sources. S&A Jewellery Design has a certificate confirming the origin of the raw material, approved by three institutions, verifying its authenticity and legality of origin: the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Institute of Scientific Research of Applied Ecology North and the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk.

During this year’s Amberif gala, the S&A Jewelery Design company received the Gold Medal - Mercurius Gedanensis 2018 in the Jewellery Championships category for the MAAMU project. The pre-premiere of the bracelet presented during the fair is a preview of the new collection, which will be released this autumn.

* Ivory experts distinguish the ivory from arcuate growth lines, i.e. Schreger’s lines. In the mammoth bones, the angle between them is smaller than the right angle, while in ivory it is much larger. provides the global jewellery markets with the latest jewellery, haute joaillerie and luxury creations, all the news and decisive trends and colours in fashion. Europa Star - CIJ Women’s Watches & Jewels - the Trends & Colours magazine, is circulated worldwide to reach the top international retailers and end buyers of fine jewellery in more than 100 countries.
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