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The Cartier Diamond

The Cartier Diamond

13 August 2018

Cartier shakes up the most grandiose and traditional stone in jewellery, the diamond, by casting convention aside. For men or women, by day or night, connecting the desire for style, allure and freedom. form and function, wearability and ritual: Cartier reinvents these conventional codes.

Coup d'Éclat de Cartier ring
Coup d’Éclat de Cartier ring


The Cartier diamond expresses itself through shape, presence, design. An oversized ring of faceted beads is worn on the little finger. A panther curls up behind the ear, whilst hooped earrings are inverted

Panthère de Cartier ear cuff and pendant earrings
Panthère de Cartier ear cuff and pendant earrings


Cartier place them on top of each other, increase the volume, the setting and the pave.

Cartier diamonds allow for explorations of style.

The Cartier diamond is playful
The Cartier diamond is playful

Paved wedding rings, midi rings, flat bangles and solitaires, diamonds to be worn in twos and threes, spanning from the thumb to the little finger.

The same freedom is afforded to the Cartier classics, our timeless lines of diamonds can be layered around the neck or wrist.


Creative and multipurpose, the transformable jewel remains true To the great jewellery-making traditions, in evidence since the Garland Style.

The cartier diamond inspires the jeweller to adapt, creating jewellery like this geometric, glistening headband with alternating baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Étincelle de Cartier bracelet, can be transformed into a headband
Étincelle de Cartier bracelet, can be transformed into a headband

This piece can be worn in your hair and additionally transforms into a cuff bracelet.


Sharp and ornamental, diamond jewellery is worn irrespective of gender. It is synonymous with style.

A panther escaping from a pocket.

Pluie de Cartier brooch
Pluie de Cartier brooch

A diamond-paved nail pinned to a jacket lapel.

Hidden Panthère pocket gem
Hidden Panthère pocket gem

A showering boutonniere of faceted diamonds

Juste un Clou tie pin
Juste un Clou tie pin

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