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Boucheron - Nature Triomphante

Boucheron - Nature Triomphante

15 August 2018

To honor 160 years of creation and innovation, Boucheron has pursued a dream - to push the limits of High Jewellery by granting eternal life to the beauty and vitality of Nature.

This vision comes to light in the Nature Triomphante collection, in which cutting-edge scientific techniques combine with the ancestral expertise of our workshops, to bring High Jewellery into a bold new era of creativity.


Boucheron - Nature Triomphante

Boucheron Naturaliste pays tribute to Frédéric Boucheron through its founder’s most beautiful archive pieces by capturing them at an extraordinary level of precision: a tour de force combining the jeweller’s know-how with 3D technology to reach the ultimate level. This inaugural chapter transcribes, in the smallest details, leaves and modest flowers (the House’s elected models), revealing their original dimensions, uniqueness and imperfections.


Boucheron - Nature Triomphante

Boucheron is free. Free to express its strength of character and its instinctive, rebellious nature. Free to go from naturalism to a hypnotic extrapolation of the flora, fauna and minerals.

By integrating the shapes and possibilities derived from joining the excellence of the Maison’s traditional craftsmanship with high technology, Boucheron Surréaliste illustrates innovation and creation at work.

Boucheron is free to create differently and to position itself at the helm of an era of originality by breaking the codes.


Boucheron - Nature Triomphante

Boucheron Alchimiste has found its philosopher’s stone in Nature supreme, unmatchable and unassailable. The jeweller melds with its source of inspiration to whom it offers eternal life.

Following several years of research and innovation, via an entirely unprecedented secret process, Boucheron has succeeded in immortalising fleeting beauty. The nine Fleurs Éternelles which perfect this collection are a first in the Maison and High Jewelry’s history. Their birth exceeds the dreams of Frédéric Boucheron and crystallises yesterday’s impossible.

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