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Lydia Courteille - Nuevo Mundo

Lydia Courteille - Nuevo Mundo

13 September 2018

Lydia Courteille is pleased to invite you again in a new journey with collection “Nuevo Mundo”.

Welcome to Mundo Maya - Maya World!

Lydia Courteille - Nuevo Mundo

After all last travels in America to Incas with Rosa Del Inca collection and to native Americans tribes with RAINBOW Warrior Propercy collection, Lydia Courteille invites you to an extraordinary voyage to Mayans in Guatemala. This land has been home to the native Mayans for over 4000 years.

Lydia Courteille - Nuevo Mundo

The incredible history of temples and pyramids buried under the jungle, the magical mix of religions and legends, rainbow patterns and jeweled fauna are sources of inspiration for this colorful jewelry collection .

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