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Van Cleef & Arpels enrich the Snowflake collection

Van Cleef & Arpels enrich the Snowflake collection

9 November 2018

In tune with the seasons, Van Cleef & Arpels contemplates the wonders of nature and celebrates them in highly poetic creations. Evoking the beauty of a snow-covered landscape, the Snowflake collection has for several decades reinterpreted the “flocon” motif introduced by the Maison in the 1940s.

Entirely set with diamonds, these pieces embody Van Cleef & Arpels’ taste for White High Jewelry.

This winter, the Snowflake collection is enriched by two clips and two transformable necklaces. Timelessly elegant, they combine the luminosity of platinum with the sparkle of diamonds in keeping with a Maison’s tradition.

Snowflake collerette transformable necklace
Snowflake collerette transformable necklace
The elegance of the Snowflake collection comes to life with this necklace, a homage to the world of couture. Its curved lines of round diamonds trace out an ethereal Claudine collar adorned with sparkling snowfl ake motifs. The setting – entirely articulated and crafted in openwork – suggests delicate lace, gracefully caressing the contours of the neck. To provide varied styling options, the necklace’s main motif can be worn alone, as a pendant on a chain.
Snowflake clip and pendant
Snowflake clip and pendant
With a design infl uenced by the Maison’s 1948 Cristaux de neige clip, this refi ned piece can be worn as a clip on a jacket lapel, or slipped onto a chain as a pendant.
 Snowflake noeud clip
Snowflake noeud clip
This Snowflake clip traces a bow in platinum and diamonds, bound by a rounded jewelry motif entirely set with stones. Endowed with subtle energy, this asymmetric three-dimensional piece will adorn either an outfi t or the hair like a ribbon of light.
Snowflake transformable necklace
Snowflake transformable necklace
In keeping with Van Cleef & Arpels’ tradition of transformable jewelry, this sparkling necklace can be worn in up to nine different ways to suit any mood. Thanks to discreet fastenings, its various elements can form three bracelets and six types of necklace, from a choker with a single strand of diamonds to a two- or three-row necklace. On each side of the piece, twin half moon-shaped jewelry motifs link these delicate streams of diamonds. The creation’s fully articulated structure enables it to gently hug the neck or wrist, like freshly fallen snowflakes.

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