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Kerbedanz pays tribute to Florence

Kerbedanz pays tribute to Florence

9 January 2019

Renowned for launching its followers on initiatory journeys to lands of symbolism and references to the cultures of the world, the Neuchâtel brand Kerbedanz, this time, is proposing a trip to Tuscany, the country of universal codes.

Can we capture a city in a timepiece? The spirit of Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, breathes on this rare masterpiece of jewellery. The capital of Tuscany, a gentle region set in the heart of an Italy of dolce vita and genetic elegance, is at the heart of this watch by Kerbedanz, available in a limited series of 68 pieces.

Kerbedanz pays tribute to Florence

The Florentine fleur-de-lis and mane of the Marzocco, symbols of the Renaissance. As a result of CDO Aram Petrosyan’s creative impulses, the Chief Designer Officer, four fleurs-de-lis set with sumptuous rubies, echo Florence’s coat of arms.

These four flowering fleurs-de-lis, adorned with rubies as buttons, shine through the sunny decor of a hand-guilloché dial. Regular grooves reminiscent of the Marzocco’s mane, this proud lion holding under his right hind leg the Florence crest. Here and there, we always come across this animal in several places in the city. This lion symbolizes the popular authority that was then embodied by the Medicis family, of which Laurent so called Le Magnifique due to his great generosity, remains the most emblematic figure.

Born in 1449, Laurent de Médicis was in charge of Florence until his death in 1492. We owe him Florence’s reputation as the city of artists, since it was the cradle of the Renaissance and even today the city alone gathers 25% of Italy’s artistic heritage treasures, with its libraries, churches, palaces, gardens, bridges, fountains, museums, exhibition spaces and covered markets. In addition to these historical and heritage treasures, there is now a Kerbedanz timepiece whose luxuriant dial, infused of style and an indescribable fragrance of Florentine authenticity, remains a journey into the heart of the fairytales of Tuscany.

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