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Montegrappa - Extra Otto Sapphirus Limited Edition

Montegrappa - Extra Otto Sapphirus Limited Edition

6 February 2020

A prestige silhouette ascends to a higher level with an ancient material. The Pharaohs once relied on it for knowledge, intuition and magic. Now, divine powers meet heavenly performance in the limited-edition Extra Otto Sapphirus.

Montegrappa - Extra Otto Sapphirus Limited Edition

Thousands of years before the renaissance painters coveted its rare pigment, the ancient Egyptians believed objects made from lapis lazuli were fragments of the goddess Isis’ soul.

For them, the semi-precious stone’s starry, deep-blue finish symbolised the heavens: jewellery and objects were made to accompany kings and queens into the afterlife. Its scarcity and intense colour made it a precursor to the modern sapphire.

A new Edizioni creation brings this mystical substance to writing via a pen with a legend of its own. The Extra Otto combines the sublime writing credentials of the Extra 1930 with an octagonal profile first produced in Bassano del Grappa in 1915. Possessing a faceted form that rests as elegantly in the light as in the hand, our designers were set the task of exploring its full potential as a writing jewel.

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