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CIJ Summer 2015 Issue - Editor’s Letter - To read or not to read?

CIJ Summer 2015 Issue - Editor's Letter - To read or not to read?

29 May 2015

“I don’t read about trends because I want to keep an open mind”. This was the very frank statement a jewellery designer made in Hong Kong this March as he was showing me his newest creations. Far from being discouraged, I realized that while some might afford the luxury of not caring about trends, most of us want to be up-to-date with what is going on in the industry. I joined the Trends and Colours team this year with an open mind and I intend to keep it that way despite constantly reading and writing about jewellery trends. For all of you out there who wonder whether to read or not to read about trends, allow me to introduce our new summer issue, and hopefully I will nudge you in the direction of the former.

CIJ Summer 2015 Issue - Editor's Letter - To read or not to read?

Colour-wise, we are heading towards a vibrant blue summer. For the fall season, summer blues transform into a deep, darker sapphire blue and a cool, fresh teal. Marsala, the colour of the year, pairs well in autumn with Dried Herb, the military green elevated to sophisticated status. Cadmium Orange and Amethyst Orchid are my two other choices for an intensely colourful autumn. Maintaining the traditional reference to the Pantone Institute for the colours of the next season, we also took a look at what is hot on the runways in Paris, London, Milan and New York. Guest writer Tru’ Lavina highlighted some of the main trends and colours displayed there and there is only one conclusion: bold colours are definitely in!

Trend-wise, the designers’ sources of inspiration are as diverse as usual: flora and fauna motifs are omnipresent, the exotic vibe maintains its allure, while the gothic theme becomes less edgy and more playful. The main style take-aways for this season? Double- and multi-finger rings, stackable bangles and rings. Add long, fringe-style necklaces in the mix and enjoy an opulent season.

Following the trends at the source, we had a busy winter and spring strolling down the glamorous halls in Geneva, Vicenza, Tucson, Munich, Hong Kong and Basel. We offer you here a summary of what we saw and enjoyed at the trade fairs in the first half of the year.

now invite you to explore our summer issue and discover the trends worth reading about. Have a wonderful summer!

Monica Oproiu Editor/Associate Publisher

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