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Necklace by Jewelmer

Golden pearl strand by Jewelmer

Necklace by Jewelmer At Jewelmer Joaillerie, the world is an endless source of inspiration. The encounter between the jeweler and the South Sea pearl ignites creativity and allows vision to take tangible form. In this, the jeweler renders his service to the living gem in order to give birth to a new creation that celebrates life and beauty.
In a specialized world of precision, each South Sea pearl is matched to perfection. The design is stirred by the soul of the designer. Every stone is meticulously set to display its brilliant facets. Each graceful curve of precious gold is skillfully polished and molded with attention to the minutest detail. The completed piece is a joy to behold: not only bornfrom inspiration, but also able to inspire.
Jewelmer Joaillerie’s heritage is cradled in the core of the classic French tradition of highjewelry and genuine Filipino sensibilities. The perpetual pursuit of perfection is a vision harnessed by the expertise of master graders, fine jewelry designers, craftsmen, and stone setters. Each is a vital facet for the ultimate conquest – a timeless work of art with the alluring warmth of the South Sea pearl. See Highlight.
Necklace by Jewelmer
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