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VicenzaOro and T-Gold in Dubai

VicenzaOro and T-Gold in Dubai

30 November 2012

Positive result for Fiera di Vicenza at the Dubai International Jewellery Week from 21st to 24th November in the Dubai World Trade Center

Italian and European jewellery conquers Dubai, confirming that a combination of beauty, culture, innovation, craftsmanship and quality manufacturing are the right ingredients for asserting Italian and European-made products on the most dynamic markets.

VicenzaOro and T-Gold in Dubai

On returning from Dubai, where the Dubai International Jewellery Week has just come to a close, Fiera di Vicenza reports positive results from the première of VicenzaOro Italian Club, VicenzaOro European Club and T-GOLD International, its enormously successful formats, created to promote the most authentic features of Italian-made and European fine jewellery and the most avant-garde, state-of-the-art production technologies specifically designed for the sector.

The exhibition format received much acclaim for it highly characteristic style. At the opening ceremony, the VicenzaOro Italian Club, VicenzaOro European Club area was visited by Sheik Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, where he was warmly greeted by Corrado Facco, Fiera di Vicenza’s Executive Director.

The business results obtained by the 32 companies from the Italian gold districts, the 10 European gold and jewellery companies from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Greece, Lithuania and Spain and the 14 precious metal processing technology firms that took part in the event held from 21st to 24th November in the futuristic setting of the Dubai World Trade Center, were extremely interesting.

The number one jewellery exhibition in the Middle East was attended totally by 320 exhibitors from 20 different countries and over 20,000 visitors as well as international delegations from Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia.

The traditional and consolidated exhibition formula in the area was aimed at both trade and the public at large and many exhibitors were able to sell their collections directly to the final users, who, accompanied by a high degree of spending power, were captivated by the beauty of Italian and European jewellery.

Dubai lies at the trade route crossroads towards the rich markets of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Countries, the Middle East, South Africa and India, a country that has recently experienced a considerable increase in commercial exchange and financial investment.

The Dubai International Jewellery Week 2012 was the first step of a specific collaboration agreement, signed last May, between Fiera di Vicenza and the Dubai World Trade Center. Fiera di Vicenza, in its role as the exclusive intermediary for Europe and Italy, has taken on the task of coordinating the participation of exhibitors from the European Union at the international trade fair in Dubai and of generating innovative content in order to create maximum visibility and promote gold and jewellery products made in Italy and Europe.

Fully in line with its evolution from exhibition space manager to content producer, Fiera di Vicenza organised a special event, highly acclaimed by exhibitors, buyers and journalists alike, to present the Trendvision Jewellery+Forecasting project, the permanent and independent Research Centre that focuses on jewellery and luxury goods trends. Trend Book 2014+, the world jewellery forecasting guide, which analyses, 18 months ahead of time, the mega trends that will be influencing the design, production and distribution of contemporary jewellery in the future, aroused enormous interest among the trade operators.

Roberto Ditri, Chairman of Fiera di Vicenza
Roberto Ditri, Chairman of Fiera di Vicenza

“Participation at the Dubai International Jewellery Week is an integral part of Fiera di Vicenza’s internationalisation strategy which is developing along two parallel lines. The first requires its direct presence, with customised exhibition formats, on the most interesting markets: the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, India and, shortly, also Brazil, China and Russia, where it will lend support to its company partners with services, marketing and advertising” said Roberto Ditri, Chairman of Fiera di Vicenza. “The second involves actions aimed at stimulating the growing flow of foreign exhibitors and certified operators to the Shows that Vicenza holds in its own fair area, where its leading position demands a high degree of international visibility”.

Fiera di Vicenza is now looking ahead to 2013 and especially the first international gold and jewellery trade fair on the calendar: VICENZAORO Winter, scheduled to take place from 19th to 24th January, where an expected 1,500 exhibitors from 31 countries, and buyers from over 120 countries, are expected to attend. The edition promises to be particularly rich in content and inspiration with the aim of pointing the business in the right direction. Focus will be placed on analysing market evolution and the emerging trends on the style front. It is a much-awaited event which will provide indications on how to capture signals from the evolved consumer and direct business opportunities.

Fiera di Vicenza, with VicenzaOro , is among the top international trade fair players in the gold and jewellery sector. With its various events, VicenzaOro gathers together about 5,000 exhibitors from 25 different countries and the most important Italian gold districts and attracts a total of 43,000 buyers from 120 countries worldwide.

VICENZAORO produces in-house Shows (VicenzaOro Winter, Spring, Fall), travelling events (VICENZAORO About J) and takes its VicenzaOro Italian Club format into the world to meet the demand of those countries that currently offer the most interesting opportunities. VicenzaOro in the world is an integral part of the FDV 2011/2015 strategic plan. With key partnerships with the main players in the international trade fair organisation sector, Fiera di Vicenza has an active presence in Dubai, the United States, Hong Kong and India.

Dubai, with annual gold imports amounting to a value of approximately 3.3 billion dollars (source: Dubai Multicommodities Centre), is the top importer and consumer of gold in the Gulf Countries. The United Arab Emirates, is a fundamental trade partner for Italian jewellery representing the second largest market in terms of value with about Euro 670 million in 2011 and Euro 236 million in the first quarter of 2012 alone (source: Istat), more than 13% of Italy’s total gold and jewellery exports.

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