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Vicenzaoro January 2015: New format, continued success

Vicenzaoro January 2015: New format, continued success

5 February 2015

by Monica Oproiu

The January 2015 edition of Vicenzaoro, the leading Italian exhibition in the jewellery sector, took place between 23rd and 28th of January, in none other than Vicenza. It marked the debut of a new concept for The Boutique Show, which received unanimous appreciation from exhibitors, buyers and visitors alike. The theme of the 2015 edition was “The Future, Now”, chosen to herald in a new era for international jewellery trade shows which better meets the dynamic requirements and demands of the international jewellery sector.

What’s New
The new format entailed an innovative rearrangement of exhibition itineraries through the creation of clearly recognisable unified company communities, clustered according to their reference values, market positioning, production type, distribution systems and overall image. The result was six districts – Icon, Look, Creation, Expression, Essence and Evolution – which provided a complete display of offers and trends in the global market. It also helped buyers identify more easily the most appropriate target companies in line with their individual profiles.

Vicenzaoro January 2015: New format, continued success

The result of the new theme and organising concept was clear: a 13% increase in the number of buyers compared to the 2014 edition, reaching 18,532 buyers. The number of foreign traders also increased 8% compared to the previous year, reaching 8,361 from 122 countries. Importantly, the 18% increase in the number of Italian traders - reaching 10,171 participants - sent the optimistic message of the Italian domestic market’s possible recovery.

Vicenzaoro January 2015: New format, continued success

The show was also designed as a platform for disseminating information and raising awareness of the sector’s main trends. It was accomplished through a series of seminars and events covering diverse topics like: best practices for social responsibility, jewellery trend forecasting, technology and innovation in the jewellery industry, sale strategies, 3D printing, transparency and traceability of the jewellery trade, etc.

One of the main highlights was the exhibition “Timeless seduction. Corals and cameos, a mix of modernity and memory”, curated by Cristina Del Mare and organised by Assocoral, the national association of manufacturers of coral, cameos and associated products in collaboration with Fiera di Vicenza.

Vicenzaoro January 2015: New format, continued success

Another one was the introduction of an area dedicated to TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting, the first Observatory identifying trends and consumer attitudes in the jewellery, diamond and watch world.

As an added incentive, Vicenzaoro January provided the chance to visit the recently inaugurated Museo del Gioiello (Jewellery Museum) in the Basilica Palladiana. The project - devised by Fiera di Vicenza in partnership with Vicenza Council - is the first Museum in Italy and one of only a few in the world exclusively dedicated to jewellery.

As part of the continuing renewal effort, a new logo was introduced for the January and September editions. The January edition also benefited from a new mobile phone app to provide visitors an easier and more integrated communication experience.

Vicenzaoro January 2015: New format, continued success

As the first international jewellery show of the year, Vicenzaoro January confirmed its importance as a business hub for global gold and jewellery market trends. Matteo Marzotto, President of Fiera di Vicenza, declared at the end of the show: «We are extremely pleased with the results of this edition of VICENZAORO January 2015 and above all, with the positive feedback on our new format that we received from the exhibitors, buyers and the media. With VICENZAORO The Boutique Show, we firmly believe that we have opened up new prospects for the entire global gold and jewellery industry».

Vicenzaoro January 2015: New format, continued success

As far as design directions are concerned, coral jewellery and ornamental objects were featured in many collections, confirming both an increasing interest in the beauty of the oceans and the Italian mastery of coral manufacture.

Il Fregetonte Simone Fratelli
Il Fregetonte Simone Fratelli

Nature-inspired pieces continued to dominate the trends, from fierce felines like lions, tigers and panthers to slithery snakes, lizards and crocodiles or mysterious underwater creatures. Stunning diamonds and coloured gems of every sort complemented the sophisticated designs. Delicate flowers and butterflies set with precious and semi-precious stones, as well as animal details like feathers or claws, completed the natural pantheon featured in numerous collections. Lavish Art Deco–inspired pieces and intricate geometrical designs set the tone for a dazzling new season.

Fiera di Vicenza’s next bet will be the first edition of Vicenzaoro Dubai, organised in partnership with Dubai World Trade Centre, which will take place during April 23-26th. If the Vicenzaoro January 2015 edition was anything to go by, Vicenzaoro Dubai will add to an already exciting calendar for the international trade fairs in gold and jewellery.

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