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Color is Trumps: the Precious Stone Trends of the Year

Color is Trumps: the Precious Stone Trends of the Year

15 December 2017

Sparkling diamonds, vibrant colored gemstones, shimmering pearls—on the occasion of INHORGENTA MUNICH, Hall C1 “Carat” turns into a fantastic treasury every year. Here, about 200 exhibitors will present finest precious stones and diamonds in their most beautiful facets from February 16 to 19, 2018.

“Even if gemstones are too precious to arouse delight only for one season, end customers have certain preferences depending on the rules of the fashion world”, states Stefanie Mändlein, Exhibition Director of INHORGENTA MUNICH. “Every year, color stone trends adapt themselves to fashion from Paris, Milano and New York”, confirms Alexander Arnoldi from the eponymous company based in Idar-Oberstein. The trend nuances proclaimed annually by the US color organization Pantone actually have a big influence on the preferred gemstones. The Pantone color candidates for 2018 are Yves Klein Blue, Millennial Pink and Papaya Orange. INHORGENTA MUNICH 2018 will present these shades in precious stones.

Groh + Ripp - Saphir
Groh + Ripp - Saphir

Blue is a popular companion

Nicole Ripp, Managing Director of the Idar-Oberstein gemstone cutters Groh + Ripp says: “I am a very big fan of Yves Klein. Did you know that he painted grinded lapis? Our best lapis is from Afghanistan. It is steel blue without pyrite inclusions—a dream for every expert of opaque gems.” Arnoldi also intends to present this azure blue in precious stones at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2018. “With its manifold nuances, the aquamarine has been a popular companion of the fashion sector for many years”, reports Alexander Arnoldi.

Arnoldi International - Aquamarin
Arnoldi International - Aquamarin

A painting as an inspiration

Paul Wild from Kirschweiler enjoys international reputation as a supplier of rare colored precious stones. Markus Wild, Director of the family-owned company throughout three generations, found inspiration in Henri Rousseau’s painting “Garden of Eden” for the creation of a unique precious stone collection. “We were looking for an inspiration that expresses nature, romance and joy of life,” says Markus Wild. “Then we discovered Rousseau’s masterpiece.” Paul Wild’s team translated the shades and ambiances of the painting into fantastic gemstone sets which, at the same time, provide models for unprecedented jewelry ideas. “Some of the sets in lush jungle green and tropical blue perfectly match the trend colors. Our suggestions correspond to the floral trend in design, which runs through all color shades. Currently, the most sought-after shades are green shades in all possible nuances. But also rose pink and clear blue are much coveted.” The company’s top sellers are Paraíba tourmalines from Brazil and Mozambique, spinels from Tajikistan and Tanzania and tsavorites from Kenia.

Paul Wild
Paul Wild

Customers ever more in love with colors

The advantage of precious stones is that these marvels of nature exist in all colors of the rainbow. Thus, for every color trend, a matching precious stone can be found. “When I think of Millennial Pink, a particularly beautiful pair of unheated sapphires from Madagascar comes to my mind—a dream. And Papaya Orange immediately makes me think of the padparadscha. The latter’s name comes from the Singhalese language and designates the color of the lotus blossom. It is a corundum of exceptional beauty and, among experts, it is deemed to be a splendid exotic specimen”, says Nicole Ripp. “Customers are ever more in love with colors”, observes Ann Michelle Althöfer from Karl Faller and adds: “Untreated colored sapphires are selling very well; particularly our offer of multicolor sapphires in pastel shades is being very well received.”

Raw material for new jewelry dreams

Individual stones in delicate pink, light green or light blue are also highly coveted. And Alexandre Hahn, Managing Director of the Düsseldorf-based.

Gerhard Hahn
Gerhard Hahn

Gerhard Hahn Company, focuses on a precious stone specialty which exists in a great number of color shades: “We are pushing the spinel because we believe that it is the gemstone of the future. It boasts a high degree of brilliance and a fantastic color spectrum, and we are offering it untreated.” Arnoldi covers further trend colors with its offer at INHORGENTA MUNICH: “The refreshingly green, Scandinavian peridot which is only cut from old Norwegian stocks anymore, is a rare highlight in the world of gemstones At the same time, the chrysoberyl gemstone from Brazil sets highlights in the lime trend, especially due to its exceptionally high light refraction.”

“No matter what your favorite color is, the comprehensive product offer of INHORGENTA MUNICH leaves nothing to be desired”, says Stefanie Mändlein convincedly. “Here, both exhibitors from the neighboring halls and visitors can find the raw material for new jewelry dreams for the forthcoming 2018 season.”

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