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Inhorgenta Munich 2020 -Innovative concept for Hall C2

Inhorgenta Munich 2020 -Innovative concept for Hall C2

30 September 2019

Inhorgenta Munich will present Hall C2 with a new look in February 2020, curating the sophisticated, socially relevant topics of sustainability and future retail with trendsetting special exhibits and lecture series. Visitors to Inhorgenta Munich can experience the new C2 hall concept at the Messe München exhibition center from February 14 through 17, 2020

Draft of the design from hall C2
Draft of the design from hall C2

Trends and inspiration, promotion of young talent and one-of-a-kind jewelry: Together, they will make the “Contemporary Design & Vision” hall the leading platform for modern jewelry design.

Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München, on the new hall concept: “Inhorgenta Munich is constantly growing. Sustainability and future retail are topics that concern the entire jewelry industry. By realigning Hall C2, we want to make our mark and be a catalyst for moving these issues forward.”

Stefanie Mändlein, Exhibition Director at Inhorgenta, continues: “We came together with industry experts and asked how we could make the hall even more attractive and forward-looking in order to inspire exhibitors and visitors with a full sensory experience. With this new direction, we are creating space for two current topics that affect the industry.”

Sustainabilty is the key-topic of the design
Sustainabilty is the key-topic of the design

Hall design: Focus on sustainability

The central area of the hall has been redefined to highlight the aspect of sustainability, which is particularly evident through the use of natural materials such as wood, glass, felt and wool. These elements will be used at the trade fair for several years and then recycled.

The hall’s new design invites visitors to think about the origin of materials. At the same time, it draws attention to the responsible use of resources. Along the prominent center line, visitors are immersed in the biosphere: deep, saturated natural tones, planted green zones, moss-covered seating surfaces, hanging gardens in the catering area and waterfall projections with forest sounds as an acoustic backdrop.

The central contact point is at the heart of hall C2
The central contact point is at the heart of hall C2

Main content on the cutting edge

Sustainability and future retail are not only a design highlight, they are also a main content focus of the hall. The central contact point is at the heart of Hall C2 in an area dedicated to these issues: In the space that formerly hosted the Inhorgenta Forum, there is now a format similar to the internationally established Trendfactory—with lectures, panel discussions and networking opportunities. It is where the industry’s key questions will be addressed: How will retail develop in the context of omni-channel presentation options and customer centricity? What are the opportunities and risks from the global megatrend of sustainability for the watch, jewelry and gemstone segment?

Also taking place in Hall C2 is the Inhorgenta Brand New, a forum for young designers and goldsmiths. In addition, the hall is host to the Inhorgenta Campus with individual spaces for schools and colleges and the Inhorgenta Campus Podium for issues relevant to the industry’s young talent.

The redesigned hall will also serve as the exhibition space for the Inhorgenta Awards, where the three finalists in each category will be showcased for the duration of the event. Silversmiths will also play an important role: The exhibition space in Hall C2 will dedicate just as much attention to silver objects as to new materials.

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