Bvlgari - The Diva collection - an ode to femininity

May 2015

Celebrating sophisticated Italian femininity and Rome’s historical heritage

All eyes are on her. Adored by fans, photographers, bloggers and followers alike, the Diva of today basks in omnipresent camera flashes. Worthy of her status, she displays the elegance, sensuality and mystery that have always epitomised feminine charisma.

The DIVA collection - an ode to femininity

Bulgari, Jeweller to the Divas of both yesterday and today, offers a contemporary tribute to timeless feminine beauty in the new pieces of the Diva collection. Drawing her inspiration from a rich past of Holly wood glamour, the Bulgari woman embodies the ultimate Italian femininity.

A symphony of perfect forms

By reinterpreting the patterns of intricate Roman mosaics to create an iconic s ensual fan shap e that has b e c ome a hallmark signature of its Diva collection, Bulgari pays homage to its own his toric heritage. The new creations arch in a variety of sparkling styles and material combinations, highlighting the s ophistication of diamond pavé, the femininity of mother- of-p earl, or the drama of black onyx joining the delicacy of 18K pink gold.

Divas are able to command attention simply with their presence: The Bulgari jewels strongly rouse the same effect. With all eyes on them, the new pieces of the Diva collection reflect the sensuality of a woman against the profound nature of humanity’s origins.