CIJ Summer 2014 - Editor’s letter - Colour Matters

May 2014

As the warm weather approches, so does a season full of colour, both in jewellery and fashion. As you can see by all the colours presented in our various TRENDS & COLOURS spreads in this issue, we feel colour to be a very important element in this industry, especially as designers find new and more creative ways to use gemstones of all kinds, qualities, and forms. One of the more remarkable gemstones that has been featured quite a bit this year by the world’s designers is paraiba tourmaline. Examples of the many ways this spectacular neon-blue gem is being used in fine jewellery can be seen in the article, Pretty in Paraiba in the Trends & Colours section.

Happy Spirit: when Chopard brings the stars within reach…

Interestingly, I find that many jewellery designers and brands are now alluding to the Pantone colours when designing and marketing their collections. This is gratifying since we were the first to make the connection with Pantone fashion colours and jewellery almost five years ago. It is a trend that is bound to continue, I am sure.

And, speaking of Pantone, this issue features a special interview with Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute and President of the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training. is colour guru offers tips for retailers on the use of colour in their displays and also explains how colour analysts arrive at their choice for colour of the year and the seasonal colours. It is definitely a must-read.

As usual in our Summer issue, we showcase the Pantone colours for Fall 2014, along with assorted jewellery. Although the Fall hues have evolved somewhat from the Spring colours featured in our Winter trends guide, Pantone indicates that Radiant Orchid, the Colour of the Year, is so strong that it will continue throughout the cold winter months. at can certainly be said for jewellery made with purple gemstones of all types and tones, which have been in abundance at the recent jewellery shows.

In terms of shows, it has again been a busy winter and spring fair season, and we report here on the many creative pieces seen at events in Antwerp, Bangkok, Basel, Dubai, Hong Kong, Phoenix, Tucson, and Vicenza. While most shows are international, each has its own characteristics, which makes it worth sharing with you. We are also seeing more optimism at the shows, although many exhibitors feel that the global economy has some ways to go before things get back to normal, unless we are in a new “normal.” Even though the USA remains a major market, increasing numbers of exhibitors are looking eastward to the emerging markets in Eastern Europe and Asia, even if China’s economy is reportedly slowing—a relative number since its growth rate is still higher than the rest of the world.

In addition to other interviews and designer pro-les, this issue features a discussion with the Director of the Couture show, Gannon Brousseau, who shares his views on the industry and on this exclusive and highly-regarded show, including its interesting activities in social media. In keeping with our focus on continuing the discussion on sustainability issues facing the jewellery industry, our Golden Globes article takes an in-depth look at a conservationist pearl farm.

Lastly, I would like to thank those of you who continue to express your appreciation for CIJ TRENDS & COLOURS. Your comments are truly appreciated, and they make the job that much more pleasurable.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming shows, and have a wonderful summer.

Happy Spirit: when Chopard brings the stars within reach…