Alessio Boschi brand launched at Vicenza Charm

October 2011

Well-known and award-winning designer Alessio Boschi has teamed up with longtime friend and associate Martino Eduardo Convertino to create a new luxury company, Lux 2 Lux Jewels.

Alessio Boschi (right) and Martino Eduardo Convertino, co-founders of Australian based Lux 2 Lux Jewels, parent company of Alessio Boschi Jewels.

After only eight months of intense work and preparation, the company launched the very original and creative jewellery brand, Alessio Boschi.

The underneath side of the Ophiura ring from the Thalassa collection, showing the high level of detail in the craftsmanship.

“This is our little ‘happy island’ where every thought, every breath, every colour, every scent, and every memory can become a little piece of jewellery art if we believe in it,” muses Alessio Boschi. Among the brand’s collections in 18K gold, diamonds, and gemstones are Historica, containing remarkable pieces inspired by places, events, or characters in history, which are full of refined details and hidden engineering mechanisms that evoke magical memories of times gone by; Naturalia, whose pieces are inspired by our wonderful world with flowers from the earth and explosions of stars from the universe; and Thalassa, comprised of sophisticated pieces representing sea creatures from the oceans.

Ray of Stars necklace by Alessio Boschi, made in black Australian opals, diamonds, and 18K gold.

Among the most remarkable and exquisite statement pieces from the Naturalia Collection is the “Ray of Stars” necklace and earrings suit made with black Australian opals.

Two views of Venezia ring by Alessio Boschi, which pays homage to Venetian architecture and craftsmanship. It includes a surprise element typical both of Alessio designs and the Baroque period where the Serenissima flourished in its splendour. The shanks are embellished by two small doors in sapphires and are miniature gates of the richest building of the Republic. They reveal two little secrets once opened, where on each side a micro ring jumps out on quivering springs.