Bvlgari - Divas’ Dream

August 2019

Bulgari established its role as jeweler to the stars in the Dolce Vita era, when some of the most iconic Hollywood film stars and true divas started a love affair with the Roman Maison. In 2019, Bvlgari celebrates this storied romance with exceptional creations. Debuting this summer, Cinemagia captures the magic of the silver screen in a visionary high jewelry collection.

Enthralled by the magnetism and beauty of the diva, Bvlgari pays further homage to her unmistakable charm with a dedicated jewelry collection aptly named Divas’ Dream. This collection channels the glamour, exalts the grace, and reflects the radiance of today’s favorite divas. Like the Roman Maison, the diva has a larger-than-life attitude; her irresistible charisma naturally attracts the spotlight to her wherever she goes.

To devise a tribute to the ever-elegant diva, Bvlgari fittingly looked to another timeless beauty: The Eternal City, the Maison’s birthplace and the roots of its bold creativity. The collection’s signature is a delicate fan motif, a pattern that decorates the mosaics at Rome’s ancient Baths of Caracalla. The icon is an enchanting celebration of the femininity and glamour so essential to the Bvlgari allure and to the splendor of cinema, from its Dolce Vita years in Rome to modern-day Hollywood.