Bvlgari introduces the new Wild Pop collection

July 2018

Dramatic combinations of colorful gems. Imaginative designs made in epic sizes. Experimentation is as much a part of Bulgari’s High Jewelry as master craftsmanship and rare stones. Bvlgari’s approach has long been more daring than other jewelers. It makes Bvlgari High Jewelry closer in creative spirit to the boundary-pushing work of artists.

Roaring 80's - Precious ruffles necklace
Roaring 80’s - Precious ruffles necklace

The bold creations in the new Wild Pop collection celebrate the legacy of Bvlgari’s unconventional High Jewelry. It is a tribute to the roaring 1980s, a period of extravagance and cultural transformation when Bvlgari was right at the center of it all and captured the era to perfection in jewelry.

Andy Warhol - Pop flower necklace
Andy Warhol - Pop flower necklace

Wild Pop also pays homage to the special bond between Bvlgari and Andy Warhol, the King of Pop Art, that flourished during the decade.

Music - Play it again brooch
Music - Play it again brooch

The popular culture sources of inspiration combined with Bvlgari’s audacious attitude has resulted in Wild Pop, one of the most adventurous collections of High Jewelry ever made.

Pop 80's - Space cruiser necklace
Pop 80’s - Space cruiser necklace