Bvlgari - Mix, match and stack

July 2019

Bulgari infuses its joyful and bold spirit into a new range of bracelets. Known for breaking the conventions of jewelry design, the Roman Maison set the bar for creative and cutting-edge jewels. With its fresh bangle assortment, now Bvlgari invites women everywhere to play by their own rules, too, and express their personal style through their very own stack.

Launching across the BVLGARI BVLGARI, B.zero1 and Viper collections, the new bangles boast slim, easy-to-wear profiles that blend seamlessly together.


Logo lovers, rejoice: The Maison that pioneered logo design in the seventies introduces 7 new 18K rose gold bracelets featuring the iconic BVLGARI BVLGARI inscription. Inspired by ancient Roman coins, now the double logo shows off its contemporary playful charm wrapped around electrifying discs of color: green malachite, white mother of pearl, red carnelian, black onyx, sparkling pavé diamonds, golden tiger’s eye and violet sugilite.

Images from BB digital campaign.
Images from BB digital campaign.

Irreverent and vibrant, the BVLGARI BVLGARI bangles prompt the BB woman to master her own mix of colors and stones. Her trailblazing character comes to life in a new BB digital campaign. Expressing her fun and feminine personality, the Super B woman is the hero of her own story, thanks to her confident attitude to color and life.


A tribute to the Maison’s emblem, the iconic Serpenti, the Viper line channels its seductive and mysterious vibe. A geometric, trapezoid motif, reminiscent of the sinuous scales of a snake, wraps itself around the entire collection. Now, 3 new 18K rose gold bracelets animate the design by alternating a dash of color with gold, echoing a serpent’s multi-toned skin. Featuring green malachite, red carnelian or black onyx, the pattern is so fluid and subtle that only its wearer knows the secret of its seductive inspiration.

A new digital campaign, fittingly named Little Secrets of Seduction, will capture the Viper woman’s powerful, sophisticated demeanor, and showcase her other irresistible charms: new large hoop earrings in rose gold and single cuff earrings in rose gold, pink gold, yellow gold or onyx, all bearing Viper’s bewitching, textured pattern.


This year, the B.zero1 line fêtes its twentieth anniversary. Crafted with a visionary technique, the ring broke the rules of jewelry design when it debuted in 1999. A symbol of reinvention, B.zero1 now brings its forward-looking design to bold and edgy bracelets.

In the new collection, the B.zero1 bangle features a thinner, lightweight shape, especially easy to stack. The slender bracelet comes with the Bvlgari Bvlgari logo emblazoned on its caps or, more prominently, around its circumference. With 18K yellow, rose and white gold options, the pieces inject mixed precious metals into the assortment, ideal for the audacious, rule-breaking B.zero1 woman who always customizes her look.

The B.zero1 line further reinvents itself with new iterations of the Design Legend bracelet, a collaboration with the late, powerhouse architect Zaha Hadid, launching this fall. Preserving the original’s dynamic 18K rose gold lines, one new launch adds an inner core of black ceramic for a rocker-chic effect. An additional iteration pairs the original’s signature curves with pavé diamond. As groundbreaking as Hadid herself, the fusion of classic and modern materials, bold design and artistry captures B.zero1’s daring appeal.