Cartier - Magnitude, the new high jewellery collection

June 2019

In Magnitude, the new high jewellery collection by Cartier, materials collide in a marriage of precious stones and ornamental hard stones rarely seen in high jewellery. an unexpected encounter, a stylistic feature steeped in character that balances technique with creative flair, updated by cartier time and again since the early 20th century.

In Magnitude, Cartier brings together with bold, creative panache materials that were never meant to meet. Diamond allows rutilated quartz to sparkle; sapphire shines alongside matrix opal; emerald gleams next to rock crystal, and pink diamond is coupled with morganite and coral.

Side by side the gems converse in a dialogue that flits between opacity and transparency, the mineral and the precious, pure colours and shimmering nuances, earth and light.

Original form, landscaped material, primary colours, varied nuances: the design translates the power of confrontation through an interplay of lines, ruptured rhythms and flowing movements.

Light flashes from stones that bear the memory of the world. From this glittering collision, rippling rays of light project the force of the origins into the future.

A new phase in Cartier’s stylistic adventure unfolds.