Cartier presents [SUR]NATUREL

July 2020

The new High Jewellery collection by Cartier reveals a nature that is more real than nature itself, freed from reality’s constraints. The starting point for this collection reveals a creative path linking figuration with abstraction: Water, flora and fauna as part of the supernatural.

On one side, water, plants and animals. On the other, creations which emanate from these sources but retain only their spirit, stylising this primary energy in a multitude of details. The roundness of a plant form bursting with flavour, coloured spots coming together to form an unreal animal coat or a series of glistening ice crystals.

As with every High Jewellery collection, Cartier showcases the most precious, archaic, beautiful and mysterious stones.

The jewellers intensify the stones’ evocative powers, blending wilderness with fantasy. Diamonds, emeralds and sapphires are combined with opal and kunzite, coral and aquamarine, beryl and quartz. The stones show off their transparency and effects of depth.

Going beyond the real and reinventing it. Through the richness of its style and the refinement of its expertise, Cartier paves the way to a transfigured, supernatural beauty.