Louis Vuitton - High Jewellery Regalia

July 2018

Regalia. This word evokes the attributes of royal power: all the insignia, ornaments and objects used by the monarchy that symbolise sovereignty. They are precious ornaments that give the wearer legitimacy. Louis Vuitton has used the stylistic vocabulary of heraldry – the science of coats of arms – and phaleristics – the science of orders and decorations – as a source of inspiration to invent new insignia of power. A power that comes naturally to women.

The material never stops folding and refolding itself, forming V shapes: V for volute. V for Vuitton. The latest high jewellery collection, Regalia, encapsulates the House’s expertise in seven parures and around 60 pieces.

Diamonds magnify unique gems in a choreography of moving shapes, curves and counter-curves, outlining flowers and Vs, the House’s two signatures. These two motifs subtly merge until they become almost indistinguishable in a new graphic design that evokes a quatrefoil or a coat of arms.

These new parures are constructed around a colourful centre stone, which stands out majestically among the diamonds. Stones like buried treasure that have been uncovered then encased, like this exceptional 34.74 carat Paraiba tourmaline, this luscious raspberry-coloured spinel with an incredible shine, this rare 19.97 carat tsavorite with its mint green shades or this lavender blue sapphire with a wonderful smoothness. These exceptional and rare stones are a hallmark of Louis Vuitton high jewellery. A golden frame, like a work of architecture under construction where the omnipresence of the V can be made out, is set with a multitude of diamonds to enhance the centre stone, where the gaze converges. Influenced by Art Deco, this necklace plays with Shadows and light.