Nicolas Tourrel - Meilleur Ouvrier de France

July 2012

After a long and difficult quest for the best quality for more than 20 years, Nicolas Tourrel has acquired a prestigious image of trust and quality. In November 2011, he decided to extend his know-how to Toulouse with a lovely new shop in the most luxurious and beautiful area of Toulouse: the “Saint Etienne / Croix-Baragnon” neighborhood. His main shop, based in the episcopal city of Albi, (also recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site) is as original, unique and precious as his creations. In the same spirit of authenticity, his new Toulouse shop at the 13, rue Boulbonne, offers the typical south of France charm and style.

Nicolas Tourrel’s Shop in Toulouse

Nicolas Tourrel – France’s best jewellery craftsman

This new must-see jewellery address is a real novelty in the Toulouse jewellery market. Indeed, it is the first time in more than 40 years that a Meilleur Ouvrier de France in jewellery has been present in this region. The title of “Best Jewellery Craftsman in France” is not only the highest distinction but also a real responsibility.

A “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” craftsman is an ambassador of French know-how, of high-quality heritage, and of the French culture…now available in Toulouse.

The French Label “Joaillerie de France”

This French label is a solid guarantee which ensures craftsmanship, ethics and 100 per cent made in France manufacturing. All our jewels are manufactured, assembled, polished and finished in France in our workshop, with authentic and natural gems.

Thanks to the great success of his jewellery, Nicolas has very quickly established himself as an unavoidable reference. Inspired by the wealth of surrounding colours and supported by a burning passion, Nicolas Tourrel’s inventiveness pushes creative boundaries. Then, his imagination takes over, silently guided by the know-how: his hands transform everything into gold! These exclusive jewels immortalise the most beautiful events of your life. He always establishes a privileged relationship with his customers. In each of his creations, his profound skills bring out the emotional dimension.