Bulgari’s colour journeys: the Paraiba tourmaline


April 2021

Bulgari's colour journeys: the Paraiba tourmaline

Embarking on an unprecedented, fascinating journey, Bulgari introduces the first chapter of its “Colour Journeys”, a series of capsule collections revealing the magical universe encased into the brand’s prized stones and passion for vibrant colours. A story this time starting between Brazil and Mozambique, where one of nature’s most rare treasures can be found: the Paraiba tourmaline.


fter depriving the world of its beauty far too long, the Paraiba tourmaline revealed its secret in the late ‘80s in a mine in Paraiba, Brazil, bringing its inimitable never-before-seen colour to light. As the Rising Phoenix of gems, the Paraiba is an emblem of perfection and rebirth, having travelled from the heart of the Earth to illuminate the world’s most exclusive jewellery creations with its inimitable green-blue.

With its sea green colour, which resembles no other, this stone possesses an intense, glowing magical hue conjuring a Mediterranean Eden of overwhelming lushness and eclecticism: indeed, the gem owes its one-of-a-kind aqua green colour to the presence of copper and manganese, which give off dazzling reflections even when there is a feeble light.

Within a very short time this treasure of nature has become a true sensation: it is said that only one Paraiba tourmaline is found for every 10.000 diamonds, making it one of the most desired stones in the world.

Bulgari's colour journeys: the Paraiba tourmaline

Richly inspired by its aquatic and liquid nuances, today Bulgari dedicates an entire Colour Journey to its legendary hues, bringing the gem’s innate freshness and joyful spirit to the world through unexpected chromatic combinations, Italian design and unmatched craftsmanship. Colour is once more the life force propelling Bulgari High Jewellery forward into eternal modernity.

Fascinated by its eccentric beauty and inimitable colour, the brand glorifies the precious Paraiba in a special High Jewellery collection made of 17 one-of-a-kind creations, unleashing the multiple facets of this rare tourmaline variety.

With its intensively individual approach to gem colour, cut, shape and light, Bulgari combines the light blue stones in a very independent way, with Roman flair and sensuality, and a cultivated eye for beauty that reveal the secrets of each gem.

Precious swirls take centre stage in a jewellery set playing on the striking combination between Paraiba and pink tourmalines, enlightened by diamonds. The 7 cushion Paraiba gems, totalizing 36.81 carats, shine with an unconventionally soft point of colour that perfectly matches the delicacy of pink. A shade that is neither too strong nor too light, bringing to life the aquatic-green soul of these stones: each with slightly different nuances, yet perfectly harmonized together.

A true challenge in terms of craftsmanship, the jewels conjure the idea of a continuous gold ribbon connecting the gems with a fluid, unbroken line: a delicate yet captivating design, celebrating modern femininity in all its facets, while the charming colour contrast expresses joy through the exuberant language of gemstones.

Bulgari's colour journeys: the Paraiba tourmaline

Right at the intersection between the sky, the sea and the plant kingdom, the second jewellery set shades from the deep blue of tanzanites to the lushest green of emeralds, through the crystalline hues of aquamarine and the light blue touch of Paraiba’s iconic hue. Softness and vibrancy, faceted and smooth cuts, the intensity of the sea and lightness of the sky: a combination of colours, textures and emotions that conjures the ones of a Mediterranean landscape.

Rarities among rarities, two showstopping rings are crafted around two exceptional Paraiba tourmalines weighing respectively unbelievable 5.60 and 3.35 carats: true wonders of nature, considering that it is almost impossible to find this natural gem in a weight exceeding the two carats.

In the first ring, the lagoon colour Paraiba and the emerald respectively enhance each other’s qualities, playing a unique symphony of greens, while in the second one, the pink sapphires and amethysts unleash the feminine character of the central Paraiba gem. The rings’ design flaunts Bulgari ’s iconic sense of volume, while diamond accents infuse with timeless aesthetic these exceptional pieces. Whimsical earrings, rich in fantasy and exuberance, complete the collection with their vibrant and colourful gemstone cascades.

Bulgari's colour journeys: the Paraiba tourmaline

Starting from the realm of High Jewellery, Bulgari’s Colour Journey reaches the universes of watches and leather goods, introducing exclusive creations inspired by the precious green-blue nuances and joyful nature of the Paraiba tourmaline.

Embodying the glamour and panache of Italian extravaganza, brought to life in vibrant colours, two new Astrale Jewellery watches come in a riot of coloured gems, and a kaleidoscope of cuts and sizes. A collision of Bulgari ’s watchmaking and jewellery-making expertise, the shimmering pieces feature intense Paraiba tourmalines, aquamarines, pink and purple sapphires, set to form this new interpretation of the Astrale case. Contrasted with the brilliance of over 230 diamonds, the mesmerising mix of stones forms a gleaming halo of gems, gently moving due to the expertly crafted metal settings.

Bulgari's colour journeys: the Paraiba tourmaline

Available in either white or rose gold, both versions are presented respectively on a white and pink alligator strap. These exclusive versions of the Astrale cocktail watches offer an exciting and contemporary update to a classic Bulgari design, uniting irresistible style and jewellery-making expertise.

The precious blue of Paraiba and the irresistible glamour of the iconic Serpenti Forever come together for two exclusive jewel bags in light blue and pastel pink Crocodile skin, reasserting Bulgari ’s status as the Jeweller of Leather Goods. Surrounded by a riot of colourful gem-petals, the hypnotic stone crowns the famed snakehead signature in a captivating and bedazzling interpretation that treasures a precious secret: indeed, it can be detached and worn like a pendant, unveiling a full-diamond snakehead closure that charms with the radiant beauty of its exquisite scales. Like true pieces of art, each bag is completed with the tag 1/1, highlighting that the piece is one-of-a-kind.

Bulgari's colour journeys: the Paraiba tourmaline