Cartier Clash [Un]limited

February 2023

Cartier Clash [Un]limited

The Clash [Un]limited watch is characterised by an elegant mechanism that stands out for its beauty, creating a jewellery watch that combines finesse with power. With beads, picot studs, clou carrés and mobility, the Clash de Cartier codes flow, intertwine, forge their way and manifest themselves in the form of a precious watch.


rom faceted corners and bevelled dials to full and empty spaces, as well as round and square elements, the geometry of the Cartier Clash [Un]limited watch is constant and true to the Maison’s style. A culture of design counterbalanced by Cartier’s graphic precision through movement, from the beads that roll over each other to the hinges of the bracelet, all articulated to create softness on the skin.

An ambition to structure the watch and create perspective: from the form of its links to the mini case with its sixteen-faceted cut glass that accentuates the distinctive lines.

The legacy of Jeanne Toussaint and her sense of volume comes to mind. As early as the 1930s, she dared to provoke glittering collisions between preciousness and the industrial aesthetic of ball bearings. A natural link between the past and present, as seen in this Clash [Un]limited watch, which also uses chromatic contrasts to emphasise the geometric motifs. How? Firstly, by alternating brushed and satin-finish gold, then by combining yellow or rose gold with purple gold, a new shade of gold in tones of shimmering purple, entirely developed for Cartier. It punctuates the watch, from the clou carré to the beads on the bracelet.

With variations on the same theme in limited-edition releases, the Clash [Un]limited watch is available in diamond-paved yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. It also unites exceptional pieces with stones that enhance the design in black and white with onyx, black spinels, obsidian and diamonds, or in different colours with coral, black spinels, chrysoprase, tsavorites and diamonds. Designed by the Cartier watchmaking studios, the Clash [Un]limited watch resides in the Maison’s creative repertoire of jewellery watches.


  • Small model, quartz movement.
  • Rose gold 750/1000 case set with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.48 carats, spinels, coral, chrysoprase.
  • Rose gold 750/1000 bracelet set with 603 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 9.23 carats, spinels, tsavorites, coral, chrysoprase. Rose gold 750/1000 dial set with 71 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.39 carats, tsavorite.
  • Rose-finish steel sword-shaped hands, sapphire crystal.
  • Case dimensions: 18.4 x 32.7 mm, thickness 8.1 mm.