Elke Berr’s capsule collection Rock’n Rose

November 2023

Elke Berr's capsule collection Rock'n Rose

Redefining jewellery with audacity, the Genevan brand marks its 20th anniversary with a stylish metamorphosis. Offering a new experience, these pieces are designed for all to fit both men and women.


isual poems capturing the duality of human nature, the Rock’n Rose collection embodies the union of strength and vulnerability, purity and darkness.

Elke Berr sets out to challenge traditional jewellery boundaries, bridging the gap between men’s and women’s pieces.

This collection offers a new experience: jewellery meant to be mixed, matched, and shared, inspired by the 70s spirit and Serge Gainsbourg’s aura.

The collection reimagines Serge Gainsbourg’s iconic sapphire pendant, breaking norms for a unique, individual, and organic gemstone interpretation.

The “Rock’N Rose” collection is a testament to the brand’s skilled jewellers. Black and white diamonds playfully defy expectations, featuring rose, antique, or distinctive cuts, creating a captivating interplay of shadows and lights. Designed for all, these pieces fit men and women seamlessly.

Rock’N Rose invites you to explore your individuality, expressing it by mixing, matching, and sharing our pieces. It is a reminder that you can be who you are unapologetically.

Wearing Rock’N Rose is not just a fashion statement; it’s a connection with your inner self. Each piece tells a unique story, reflecting distinct personality traits. Elke Berr believes everyone, regardless of gender, can wear jewellery.

Explore Rock’N Rose and embrace your authenticity.

Elke Berr Creations marks its 20th anniversary with a stylish metamorphosis, introducing daring jewellery that invites sharing. The brand preserves its essence by curating unconventional, high-quality gemstones, crafting unique narratives infused with meaning and authenticity. This avant-garde lifestyle capsule transcends gender boundaries, reflecting the brand’s core values and embracing innovation. It’s a new chapter in its legacy.

Mix & Match Set: three flexible bracelets 18K black or white gold fully paved with diamonds

Black Gold Pendant: 18K diamond, black pear-shaped, 4.60 carats
Mounting: infinity-shaped, paved with six diamonds totalling 0.04 carats