S by Salanitro’s new collection of diamond-set hand fans

June 2024

S by Salanitro's new collection of diamond-set hand fans

Traditionally used for its grace and refinement, the hand fan is presented as a luxury accessory set with diamonds in the jewellery brand’s 2024 Rainbow Edition. Made from noble materials, carefully selected for their beauty and quality, each fan is embellished with 44 diamonds, totalling 1.3 carats.


hether as interior decorations or fashion accessories, hand fans continue to fascinate with their refined aesthetics and practical character. They remain timeless, transcending fashion.

Each hand fan by S by Salanitro is truly a work of art, a bridge between the elegance and sophistication of royal courts in the past and the bold, resolutely contemporary style of today.

Traditionally used for its grace and refinement, the hand fan is reinvented by S by Salanitro as a luxury accessory set with diamonds – precious as a jewel.

Elevated by the expertise and craftsmanship of 250 gem setters in the Salanitro workshops in Geneva, who have mastered both technical prowess and artistic flair, each fan harmoniously integrates a multitude of diamonds.

S by Salanitro's new collection of diamond-set hand fans

In the heart of Geneva, a new star is shining in the firmament of ultra-luxury brands: S by Salanitro. Pierre Salanitro, whose reputation for creating the most prestigious jewellery watches is well established, is embarking on a new and exciting adventure. After presenting his collections of original objects set with precious stones – tribal masks, backgammon sets, interior fittings and decorations such as mirrors and electrical switches, as well as jewellery – he now explores the infinite possibilities of gem setting hand fans, transforming each piece into a work of art. Not merely a timeless accessory, each becomes a veritable jewel to be displayed, worn really – a celebration of craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement.

What would a fan be without its structure? The ribs support the leaf, protect it and elevate it. Sublimated by diamonds set like little stars, the fan’s guards fluidly deploy to reveal its splendour. Unfolding a fan is unveiling a world where every detail counts. The frame, an essential element, consists of finely crafted ribs, enhanced with precious stones. As it unfurls, the leaf becomes a canvas, showcasing the talent of the craftsmen, heirs to centuries-old traditions, who shape each fan with a precision that combines sturdiness and delicate aesthetics.

Pierre Salanitro explains: “This new take on the hand fan is a way of innovating in unexpected territory. Beyond the exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance, I invite you to let yourself be seduced by the thrill of a fan unfolding, as it reveals not only its beauty but also the history and passion of those who created it.”

The art of fan making is a craft of excellence, marrying meticulous craftsmanship with aesthetic beauty. S by Salanitro follows in this tradition. At its core, this art relies on creating a sturdy and elegant frame, here with a span of 38 cm, made from several carefully assembled metal components. On this structure is stretched a leaf made of delicate materials such as silk or cotton, adorned with printed patterns specifically designed by S by Salanitro.

S by Salanitro's new collection of diamond-set hand fans

Sketching, drawing, paper modelling, digital files, frame machining, prototyping, polishing, stone setting, creating two pleating moulds, pleating the leaf, assembling and gluing the leaf, finishing the leaf, setting the rivet, creating the storage box... each fan is the result of a complex process that includes cutting, assembling, and cold pleating to preserve the fabric’s lightness.

To pleat the leaf, the artisan prepares and presses the fabric to make it more rigid. It is then moulded by inserting it into a double cardboard mould. Once the pleats are marked into the fabric, it can be attached to the anodised aluminium frame along with the two guards meticulously set with 44 diamonds, totalling 1.3 carats.

The finishing touches are complex, as achieving a beautiful curvature is essential. The fan maker trims with scissors and applies a tinted glue base to the edge of the leaf to prevent fraying. The artisan then assembles the ribs of the frame with a pin. This meticulous work requires extreme concentration and precision.

All the artisans – fan makers and gem setters, true artists in their fields – worked in concert, possessing deep knowledge of materials and perfect mastery of traditional techniques. The creation of these fans required not only an eye for detail but also a passion for perpetuating tradition while bringing a personal and contemporary touch.

The collection doesn’t just replicate classic fans; it reinvents them. Before quivering in the hand or being displayed as a decorative interior piece, the fan is born from multiple talents.

S by Salanitro fans are made from noble materials, carefully selected for their beauty and quality. Natural silk, a symbol of softness and luxury, or 100% natural cotton (OEKO-TEX certified, a mark of quality), are chosen for their ability to capture the most vivid and delicate colors. The fibres are hand-cut according to a design printed on both sides, which must perfectly align once the two parts are prepared, pleated, and mounted on the ribs.

The 44 diamonds, meticulously inlaid like tiny stars, are not just embellishments; they are the beating heart of each creation, capturing light to reflect the radiance of the one who wears it.

The spark and the mastery of the human touch. In launching this collection, S by Salanitro shines a light on the artists who, in the shadows of their workshops, transform raw materials into masterpieces. These artisans, trained in the respect of ancient techniques but always looking to the future, are the true stars. Their work, which blends tradition and innovation, is now poised to catch eyes and capture the imagination around the world.

The first hand fans appeared in Asia, specifically in China, around the 10th century BCE, during the Zhou Dynasty. Originally made from feathers, they were reserved for the Emperor and high-ranking officials. In Japan, paper or silk fans have existed since the 7th century and became popular among noblewomen. The first fans appeared in Europe in Spain, introduced by Portuguese and Spanish explorers at the end of the Middle Ages. During the Renaissance, they spread to the Italian and French courts and became essential fashion accessories, symbols of refinement.

S by Salanitro's new collection of diamond-set hand fans

It is during the Grand Siècle, the Great Century, that under the influence of Louis XIV, fan making reached its pinnacle in France. These luxury items were richly decorated by painters such as Boucher and Fragonard and were often tokens of love. Hand fans experienced their golden age in the 17th and 18th centuries, and were considered true works of art. Fan makers decorated them by hand, with colors, mother-of-pearl, or feathers. The most prestigious fans came from Parisian workshops. Today, this rare craft is still perpetuated by a few dedicated manufacturers.

In 2007, a fan that once belonged to the Baroness Alphonse de Rothschild fetched 206,500 euros at auction. The ‘Rothschild fan’, in paper decorated with rural scenes, has a frame made of ivory, with gold and silver ribs.

At court, where discretion was key, the way you held and handled your fan was a form of communication. Here are some of the signals:
-  Hiding your eye with your fan: “I love you.”
-  Touch your cheek with your fan: “Kiss me.”
-  Place it over your heart: “My heart is yours.”
-  Right hand: “Come and speak to me.”
-  Left hand: “Follow me.”
-  Fold it closed suddenly: “Let’s get out of here!”

Creativity and excellence at work: S by Salanitro stands out for creating exceptional objects, designing and producing unexpected products with their own, strong and distinctive identity in the luxury world. Since its inception in 2023 in Geneva, S by Salanitro has swiftly established itself as a reference in the luxury industry, thanks to its bold and unique creations.

“Our passion for innovation and excellence is at the heart of everything we do,” says Pierre Salanitro, the company’s founder. “With S by Salanitro, we have created a brand that embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries and offering different, unique, and surprising objects that are both refined and timeless.”

In 2023, S by Salanitro introduced three original lines: gold masks adorned with precious gems, bespoke backgammon sets decorated with gemstones, and gem-set mirrors. These unusually compelling creations were an immediate success for the Geneva entrepreneur, whose expertise is recognized worldwide.

The idea of the masks was born from a collaboration with students from the ECAL School of Design in Lausanne. Seventeen designers proposed objects that told a story and enhanced the gemstones. Eight projects were selected, and the masks, inspired by ancient civilizations and reimagined in contemporary jewelry, were the first to come to life as objects of bejeweled art.

In April 2024, during the Watches & Wonders fair, Pierre Salanitro opened the doors of his workshop to unveil the brand’s second collection of precious and unusual objects. True to their source of inspiration, the new collection of masks this time celebrated the cultures of Japan, Gabon, and Indonesia.

S by Salanitro's new collection of diamond-set hand fans

Still in 2024, Pierre Salanitro unveiled his first jewelry collection: “Each piece has a very strong meaning as it is inspired by original tribal masks. The brand must have a strong identity with distinct objects that have a powerful story. Each mask is transformed into jewelry the following year.”

Each piece, be it a necklace, ring, earring, or bracelet, is meticulously crafted in gold and enhanced by a brilliant array of diamonds and precious stones such as rubies, tsavorites, and sapphires. Sublimated by the expertise of setters, engravers, and jeweler-goldsmiths, these jewelry pieces captivate with their beauty and sophistication.

Pierre Salanitro adds, “I want to dedicate myself to creating unique and unusual objects, unexpected like today’s collection of precious hand fans."

At his workshops in Les Acacias, just outside Geneva, 240 artisan-craftspeople work on setting exceptional pieces, creating and manufacturing cases, bracelets, polishing, sourcing precious stones, assembling, inspecting, and delivering watches to the most prestigious watch brands.

With aesthetic and cultural sensitivity, knowledge of materials and precious stones, and exceptional craftsmanship derived from the fine arts of jewellery making in haute horlogerie, the teams bring all their knowledge and virtuosity to each object. The result is an exceptional final product that meets the highest standards of connoisseurs and enthusiasts of rare refinements.

Pricing: from CHF 3,500.00 for one-sided fans, and CHF 4,350.00 for two-sided fans.