Tiffany & Co.’s new jewellery collection: Tiffany Lock

February 2023

Tiffany & Co.'s new jewellery collection: Tiffany Lock

Tiffany & Co. debuts its newest jewellery collection: Tiffany Lock. Distinctive and modern, Tiffany Lock is a bold visual statement about the personal bonds with others - and how these bonds inform who we are. The new collection will debut with four all-gender bracelets.


iffany Lock is an elegant interpretation of an archival functional design,” said Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product and Communication, Tiffany & Co. “Defined by modern, clean lines and a breakthrough clasp mechanism, Tiffany Lock represents an exciting new pillar to our diamond and gold jewelry offering. We are thrilled to unveil our latest icon.”

“No rules. All welcome” is the spirit behind the new Tiffany Lock collection; the 18k yellow and rose gold bracelets are designed for everyone. Re-envisioning the idea of a padlock, an important motif from The Tiffany Archives, the collection transforms it into an audacious symbol of togetherness and inclusivity. Available with diamonds or in metal-only styles, the clasp features an innovative swiveling mechanism that echoes the functionality of a padlock.

Prior to the 1950s, Tiffany offered functional padlocks. During the midcentury, they began to adopt an aesthetic purpose as everything from key rings, money clips, brooches and necklaces featured design elements evoking padlocks. Over the last 20 years, the padlock motif has continued to evolve in collections like Return to Tiffany® and Tiffany HardWear.

The four Tiffany Lock bracelets range in price from $6,800 to $32,000.

Tiffany & Co.'s new jewellery collection: Tiffany Lock