CIJ Winter 2013-2014 - Editor’s Letter - SPECIAL TRENDS GUIDE

December 2013

With the holidays behind us, we look forward to another year of bringing you the latest in designer jewellery from around the world as well as profiles on artistic individuals and other news of the industry. To kick off 2014, our special Trends 2014 edition offers images and insight into design from the Americas to Europe to Asia. And, since jewellery and fashion are linked, and because colour is a major design direction in both, this issue highlights Pantone’s top ten fashion colour directions for Spring/Summer 2014.

But, while colour is important, black and white combinations continue to prove their staying power for 2014, with examples on pages 50 and 51. We also cannot underestimate the dazzle of diamonds, in both white and fancy colours, which are featured on pages 52 and 53. As a salute to the Year of the Horse, we evoke a variety of exotic equines on pages 48 and 49, while pages 54 and 55 pay tribute to the glamorous golden pearls from the South Seas.

Whit NY, featuring Pantone's Violet Tulip and Celosia Orange.
Whit NY, featuring Pantone’s Violet Tulip and Celosia Orange.

Besides colour—a defining element in S/S fashion—sheer details, fringe, crop tops, and exaggerated silhouettes made strong fashion statements on the runways. Some designers even brought a little extra sparkle to their creations, with the addition of shimmering sequins, crystal clusters, costume gems, and other elegant and elaborate embellishments.

The major directions for jewellery design for 2014 are mostly a continuation and evolution of past trends. The most important direction remains the use of colour, generally represented by gemstones, enamel, and even pearls. These Colour Combos reflect a mix of similar or contrasting shades. Nature’s Bounty evokes the natural world, with flowers and butterflies leading the trend, although snakes and marine creatures are close behind. The last few years have seen a big increase in openwork pieces, evoking Airy Elegance, in response to high metals prices. While the hoop remains the most popular form of earring, Exotic Earwear is sharing its spotlight. Edgy designs have moved mainstream as more designers engage in Skullduggery. Enticing Tassels continue their popularity in a variety of materials, while Wide Wristwear comes in all shapes and can be worn on the wrist or upper arm. As people look more towards organic and natural looks, the Au Naturel trend is reflected in the use of rough stones, drusies, or other “earthy” materials as well as eco-friendly gold, silver, and gems. New to our top trend list this year are Multi-Finger Rings, which adorn two or more fingers or even the hand, and Opulent Opal, with its remarkable versatility and increasing popularity among designers and consumers.

Other articles in this issue include a special section on Making a Difference, where we feature six Awesome Individuals in our industry who are giving back to the global community in their own wonderful ways. Our usual designer profiles and interviews are also on the menu, as is a look at jewellery featured at the world’s trade fairs over the last few months.

The entire team at CIJ Trends & Colours wishes you a wonderful and very prosperous year.

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