CIBJO launches Retailers Reference Guide to empower global jewellery industry

May 2009

A landmark guide launched today at the CIBJO Congress in Istanbul will assist jewellery retailers around the world to sell their products more effectively. The Retailers’ Reference Guide: Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls and Precious Metals has been developed by the Marketing and Education Commission of CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation.

The Retailers’ Reference Guide (RRG) delivers: · A comprehensive understanding of the fundamental elements of diamonds, gemstones, pearls and precious metals · Practical handouts, which can empower shop floor staff with the information they need for customers · A quick, efficient and free distribution to CIBJO members via PDF download through a dedicated CIBJO micro-website

This ground-breaking piece of work is the result of the exceptional efforts of a large number of members in all the CIBJO Commissions. The development of the Guide has been driven by the CIBJO Marketing and Education Commission which has worked in collaboration with all the CIBJO Commissions and the global jewellery industry for over two years.

Research has shown that empowering staff with the vital knowledge about the products they sell leads to sustainable sales growth. In addition, jewellery consumers all around the world are looking for greater information about jewellery products.

The CIBJO Marketing and Education Commission has created this Guide to meet a need that has been highlighted by jewellery retailers around the world - an accessible reference guide that allows jewellery retailers at all levels to benefit from the enormous knowledge contained within CIBJO.

“The Retailers’ Reference Guide is a real milestone for CIBJO. We have responded to the needs of our members and the jewellery industry globally by creating a guide that is useful for the most junior retail staff, whilst still remaining a core resource to the most experienced of retailers,” Jonathan Kendall, President of the CIBJO Marketing and Education Commission commented.

“I truly believe that this guide will provide an excellent resource that will support and drive sales growth for all types of jewellery retailer and will become crucial to making CIBJO member businesses more successful,” he added.

Kendall said the result is a Guide that will help the global jewellery sector compete against other luxury products. It covers diamonds, gemstones, pearls and precious metals in a clear and concise manner that is accessible to jewellery retail staff at all levels.

It is CIBJO’s ambition for the Guide to be used by retailers globally. Its downloadable format gives CIBJO Member organisations easy access to the Guide. In addition, its clear design makes the Guide cost effective to print.

The Retailers’ Reference Guide builds on the success of previous CIBJO Marketing and Education Commission publications, The Retailers’ Guide to Marketing Diamond Jewellery and Believe in Me: The Retailers’ Guide to Trust - delivered to help jewellery retailers grow their businesses.

Following the launch of the Guide it is expected that regular updates will be provided by the CIBJO Commissions to drive further uptake and to keep the Guide relevant to today’s rapidly changing jewellery industry.

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Source: CIBJO